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Oral examination of medical practice test sites: surgical field revealed
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Surgical field is to ensure full revealed a prerequisite for smooth operation, so candidates for the oral examination of medical practitioners should be careful to take this test center, candidates can refer to in the review described below. Oral examination of medical practice test sites: surgical field revealed Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery revealed wild design quality and surgical incision, the patient position and the lighting is directly related to the surgical field exposure can also use the traction equipment, etc. retractors and mouth. 1. Incision is designed to ensure the results of operations and reduction of postoperative deformity move marks, oral and maxillofacial surgery incision, must be comprehensive to be considered comprehensive. (1) anatomy: surgical area to be considered the nerve, blood vessels, parotid duct location and other important organizational structures and practices, the incision should be parallel in order to avoid accidental injury and unnecessary sacrifice. (2) parts: the maxillofacial functional and aesthetic requirements, the incision should be chosen relatively hidden location and natural folds, as lower jaw, ears, jaw, the nasolabial fold and so on. The direction of incision and sticks to the direction of possible Consistent (due to skin tension direction and the sticks in the same direction), in order to obtain the smallest and lightest scar. Biopsy incision should seek agreement with the re-incision surgery. (3) length: the length of the incision in order to fully reveal the principle is appropriate. Design, as the case may be, to avoid too long or too short. Too long and damaged tissue and more scar large; too short is revealed clear, easy to build As accidental injury, and actually worsened over-stretch injury. In addition, the incision line incision should be considered when designing the shape (curved, and "S" shape as well) and the possibility of extending the incision in order to leave room and was Get the best results. 2. Incision incision, determined, should be based on methylene blue paint markings to ensure their accuracy, long incision in his side are yet to be marked so that the suture alignment. Incision, the skin tight or solid hand Determined the vertical scalpel and organization (from the knife perpendicular to the piercing tip, transferred to 45-degree angle when moving the skin incision, the knife, after they cut Shiyou vertical position), accurate, quick, clean, and the depth of a consistent cut. Pay attention to levels and cut layer by layer (reconstructive surgery a few exceptions). Tumors should use electric knife or a knife, but do not have reconstructive surgery to reduce the scar. 3. Position conducive to the operative field should be selected exposed position, lower jaw, the neck should be routinely padded shoulder surgery. 4. Lighting Good lighting can increase the clarity of the operative field, conducive to accurate operation and to avoid accidental injury, which has an important organizational structure and in the mouth, pharynx when the Department is particularly necessary in the operation.

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