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2008 eleventh communication of technology of exh
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On September 24, in Jinan Shun agrarian international exhibition center, annual two oral cavity equipment is exhibited pull open heavy curtain, this second exhibit can save medicine by Shandong government of people of city of association of business management of wholesome property of meeting, whole nation, Jinan, Shandong visits oral cavity doctor association is sponsorred jointly, you Chenghua exhibits a company to undertake. This second exhibit what can acquire stomatological hospital of complete province various places to support energetically, news media is scientific also, had a story in the round. This second exhibit meeting, each ginseng exhibited an enterprise to be decorated meticulously exhibit, make whole assembly room looks more professional, neater. Make exhibit meeting whole level to internationalization, specialization stride one stride again. From the point of limits of item on display, covered dentistry major weapon and material. Exhibit the corresponding period returns to hold during the meeting: Equipment of news briefing of new product of oral cavity equipment, new technology, oral cavity donates oral cavity of activity, international abnormal is clinical nicety of oral cavity of new progress, international adheres to body and porcelain are deposit coronal technology grooms, adherent body and porcelain deposit coronal technology grooms, periodontosis of international oral cavity and disease of oral cavity mucous membrane are new progress, .

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