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Congress of medicine of oral cavity of 2008 Chin
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5. Oral cavity of international of the first CSA-ICOI cultivates a technology to groom class
Learn by cure of China oral cavity (CSA) cultivate a doctor to learn with international oral cavity (ICOI) cooperates, begin series oral cavity to cultivate continue to teach a project. Cultivate with international by Professor ICOI entirely groom the standard is start, brand-new systematic tutorial, use a model to operate practice and the way that schoolteaching photograph ties, pay attention to the concept that cultivates repair and clinical technology, make oral cavity doctor can find everything new and fresh step the first pace that grows repair, obtain a standard to cultivate the success of repair.

Honored guest of give a lecture: Dr. Ay Palti, oral cavity cultivates a doctor to learn (ICOI) director, german oral cavity cultivates a society (DGOI) chairman, those who have 10 years cultivate groom experience.

The first part: On October 12
9:00-11:30 academic taxes:
1) bone is united in wedlock- - the ABC that cultivates dentistry
2) is cultivated body is designed and cultivate substance appearance
3) grows remedial plan: Patient development and choice, condition, bone is evaluated, whether establish bone, one footwork still is two footwork
4) cultivates chrysalis clinical cooperate with the first time of mechanic- - how to find the most appropriate cultivate the position
5) is video- - the X line in cultivating, fault piece and CT technology application, be based on plan of video bone, parenchyma
6) establish surgery is operated
14:00-16:30 operations class: Cultivate style the surgical operation of embedded appliance box is carried out (limitation 50 people)

The 2nd part: On October 13
9:00-11: 30 academic taxes:
7) cultivates the aesthetic consideration of repair- - solution of detailed of clinical case of illness
Cultivate aesthetic perfectly
The processing after eclectic circumstance, failure and all sorts of special situation processing
The processing of gum predestined relationship
8) oral cavity grows the repair notion in learning- - choice of clinical case of illness
Cultivate cover false tooth, cultivate felt false tooth, cultivate adherent body false tooth, bolt to maintain cultivate false tooth
Individual tooth is short of disrepair answer and many be short of the rehabilitate that break a tooth
9) dentist and mechanic cooperate, choose collaboration of appropriate mechanic machining center
14:00-16:30 operations class: Cultivate model of repair appliance box move, with mechanic place collaboration handles practice (limitation 50 people)

2, register cost and payment
Choose content of attend a lecture to go to the lavatory, need to be handed in 1 times only register cost to be able to be chosen arbitrarily listen to all course (operation class except) ; Can obtain national level to continue to teach certificate and I kind credit 8 minutes, register cost not to contain credit certificate cost of production.
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