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2008 exhibition of medical treatment of internat
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Show time on December 8, 2008---On December 12, 2008

Can exhibit place Moscow international to exhibit a center

Sponsor unit Russia Ministry of Public Health

Undertake unit Shanghai east the letter can exhibit service limited company

What belong to industry biology / medicine / health care

Can exhibit a description

Exhibition of medical treatment of international of Moscow of the 18th Russia by Germany Dusaierduofu exhibits the exhibition company ZAO with company and famous Russia to be sponsorred jointly. Since ZAO company held water 1974 oneself, hold successfully already for many times exhibit meeting. Group exhibit 30 old, attracted in all come from 36 countries ginseng of many 3000 enterprise is as of all kinds as its exhibit meeting, also recieved 1300000 visiting business in all. In the meantime, the member that ZAO also is UFI shows a company. Exhibition of this medical treatment is ZAO company emphasis is exhibited one of meetings, hold 17 successfully already. To increase competition ability, and introduce burgeoning product. Since 2003, this spreads out monarch international area, be in especially medical treatment equipment, diagnose learn and disease treats a field, attracted the ginseng that comes from world each district to postpone business. 2007 exhibit on the meeting, 1500 many ginseng exhibit an enterprise to attend, among them China has 58 enterprises ginseng to exhibit. Visiting business also was to achieve 80000 person-time more. No matter you are to do medical apparatus and instruments in medical treatment industry, still make drug, exhibition of medical treatment of Russia Moscow international, it is rare, also be what cannot miss is good exhibit meeting.

Limits of item on display

Of all kinds medical apparatus and instruments, instrument reachs equipment, dentistry equipment, of all kinds medicaments, preparation, consulting room diagnoses equipment, emergency and calamity are unmanageable, the hospital supervises system and installation, fu, obstetric reach reproductive device, otolaryngology instrument reachs device, pathology and genetics, surgical operation equipment reachs surgical equipment, endoscope equipment, ophthalmic and integrated equipment, medical bad news material, can change medicaments, medical sutural, anaesthetic equipment reachs one-time running stores, surgical operation is taken, all sorts of operations use bad news material, diagnose use into like equipment, color atlas analyzer, consulting room analyzer, dialytic reach transplanting operation, medical air pump system, nuclear magnetic resonance is become picture, examine equipment, equipment of blood transfusion system, surgical operation provides material, rehabilitation equipment and equipment, physical disabilities personage assists a tool, ventilated system, build medicine of design, biology and surgical department, mortuary equipment? Facility of medical treatment center.

Contact means

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