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Oral cavity equipment exhibits: Potential of mar
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In numerous audience, the reporter observed an old person, he is watched seriously to each item on display and undertake communicating with the staff member. He says to the reporter: "I am an emeritus dentist, exhibit to this meet me be interested very much. Exhibit in this in the meeting, equipment of a lot of entrances, its technology and quality are domestic product cannot look forward to reachs, but we dare be not introduced, because the devoted capital inside short time calls in very hard. For quite a long time, our Chinese thinks tooth disease does not calculate disease, bear bear went. Very few somebody is willing to spend money to see a tooth, this also restricted a hospital to be spent to the purchasing power of oral cavity equipment on certain level, also make the oral cavity equipment of our country makes an enterprise do not wish to spend cost to improve at the same time, innovation. When one day, such vicious circle change comes, home products caught up with foreign goods, the demand western caught up with the eastpart part, I want what these dentistry worker want to see most to this is us. I want what these dentistry worker want to see most to this is us..

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