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Oral cavity equipment exhibits: Potential of mar
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Came 8 days on June 5, exhibition of material of equipment of oral cavity of the 13rd China International and technical communication are met (equipment of oral cavity of the following abbreviation is exhibited) hold in Beijing exhibition. According to reporter understanding, regard China as exhibition of the most important material of oral cavity equipment, no matter the appeal that oral cavity equipment exhibits exhibits business or wide large audience to joining year after year increases by degrees. Equipment exhibited the oral cavity last year to attract about 500 ginseng to exhibit business and many 45000 audience in all, and the ginseng this year exhibits trade measure to already achieved 540, predicting audience number can exceed 60 thousand person-time.

Toothache of ' of path of saying of " of deviation of whole of level of oral cavity health is not ill, ache rise really awful ' . Visible, in people memory, be afraid that toothache is borne hard sorely only, and did not regard toothache as ill. However, a few research of modern medicine make clear however: Toothache is indisposition it seems that, but the harm of toothache already was head and shoulders above dental itself, tooth disease can affect the function of main internal organs of the body such as heart, head, lung even, it is the important inducement of a lot of diseases. "When the harm of the importance that explains oral cavity health care in detail when person of give a lecture and oral cavity disease to human body, the audience that the reporter observes the scene has many people to knit tightened brows.

Doctor Pan of college of medicine of Beijing University oral cavity tells a reporter, in fact, no matter our country countryman is consciousness of oral cavity health care or level of oral cavity health lie the condition of integral deviation. There is the index that measures level of oral cavity health on international, and we wait for a country to still have very big difference relative to Yu Ou, beautiful, day. Current, rate of our country teenage dental caries is as high as periodontosis of 80 % above, adult on average to suffer from rate is average be as high as tooth of 90 % above, old people to retain rate is little at 40 % . From these the number can see, the task in respect of oral cavity health care is very arduous.

The staff member of limited company of medical apparatus and instruments tells eaves of announce of distributinging Shanghai of shape of ladder of equipment sale market the reporter: "Be in our country, because the economy of different area grows a level to differ, the condition of a flight of stairs that created oral cavity equipment and material sale market distributings. It is knead dough of municipality directly under the Central Government above all to coastal big city; It is medium city next; three-layer is the remote town such as northwest, southwest. Because consumptive gradient is different, suitable client group different, the oral cavity equipment that suits to it and material product fixed position differ very big. The oral cavity equipment that suits to it and material product fixed position differ very big..
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