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2008 the 4th India (Bombay) exhibition of medici
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Exhibit meeting time place

Time: In November 2008 13-16 day

Place: Indian Bombay

Sponsor square: Famdent Plublications

Postpone meeting introduction

The 4th India (Bombay) dentistry of international oral cavity is exhibited will in November 2008 13~16 day is in Bombay of main business city is held. Should exhibit held in Bombay first 2005 obtained extraordinary result, it already was established now in India western the position that top-ranking dentistry major exhibits.

This audience that exhibit basically has the jobber of dentistry product and equipment, shopkeeper, importer, expert of dentist, dentistry, dentistry learns company of group learned man and student, pharmacy to wait from cure of personnel of course of study, oral cavity. In the exhibition 2007, the audience increased than in former years 20% , major of nearly more than 5000 dentistry bought the home, dentist, dentistry to attend this to exhibit from personnel of course of study. The exhibition still has conference of special subject of numerous oral cavity, dentistry and seminar during the meeting, confused is shown fold now.

Growth of Indian dentistry market is rapid. Dentistry health care of India served the market to reach 446 million dollar 2005, dentistry equipment and appliance market reached 66 million dollar. Bombay is the mart with the biggest India, gathering the well-educated high public figure with taller consciousness of health of antrum of numerous speak or sing alternately, bombay already became the city with Indian the most concentrated dentist now.

2007 exhibition data: About 200 ginseng postpone a business, professional audience 7000 much people.

Ginseng extend range

Oral cavity internal medicine: Clean tooth machine, smooth solidify machine, anaesthetic - forming machine of local and corresponding appliance, decolour; Oral cavity surgery: Dentistry cultivates series, surgical equipment and appliance, cultivate reach furniture to wait; Material: Polishing material, cast head of CD, polish, protective equipment, fill up material of bridge of goods of material, moulage material, compound colophony, cotton, coronal, false tooth material, cleaner, one-time material; abnormal: abnormal appliance, abnormal / tooth week data; Repair division: Product of series of the porcelain that bake, cast appliance of material of machine, rehabilitate, rehabilitate, false tooth to weigh line to repair material to wait; Radiative division: Smooth machine of X line equipment and accessory, X, X piece processing equipment and accessory, number is become picture, tooth piece etc; Wholesome things: Tooth brush, electric toothbrush, toothpaste, liquid cleaner, dentistry uses health care of medicines and chemical reagents, disinfectant, oral cavity to cream, agent of sparge of dental floss of tine of raw material of clean tooth fluid, toothpaste, clean, medicaments dental floss, gargle, oral cavity, oral cavity nurses mist of clean of things, mouth, clean ages tastily fluid, ; Integrated kind: Dentistry treats chair, disinfection integratedly things of compressor of equipment of test of ark of equipment, appliance, education, air, hospital management, clean health care.
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