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2009 exhibition of dentistry of international of
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Exhibit meeting time place

Time: In March 2009 24-28 day

Place: German division grand

Sponsor square: Koelnmesse

Postpone meeting introduction

Exhibition of dentistry of international of German division grand (International Dental Show, IDS) it is at present the biggest, consequence mixes the dimensions in industry of international oral cavity the most by force one of trade fair of the most important dentistry equipment, equipment, medicines and chemical reagents and technology. It is important to should exhibit meeting every other two years to be in Germany urban family grand (Klon) hold, the person that the oral cavity company that comes from a whole world at the appointed time and manufacturer and each country dentist and major look around will gather together in division grand, reveal or seek newest product and technology, discuss and discover the newest development tendercy of oral cavity industry.

Dentistry of international of German division grand is exhibited is the professional dentistry commerce with banner whole world is exhibited, it is major of lab of hospital of dentistry of global oral cavity, dentistry, dentistry the things commerce, party that reachs colleague of industry of oral cavity dentistry. Dentistry of international of grand of the 33rd division is exhibited will in March 2009 24~28 day is in Germany division grand international reads extensively the center is held. Should exhibit what can predict to will draw more than 50 countries the enterprise ginseng of domain of medicine of antrum of on 1000 members of a family is exhibited, the audience amount that comes from world each district also will exceed in former years. At the appointed time, personage of major of industry of Chinese oral cavity also will go to division grand actively to exhibit can look around make an on-the-spot investigation, experience the successful experience that comes from world dentistry domain.

Answer ardently what international dentistry exhibited IDS to get China postpones business 2007, clean ginseng exhibits an area nearly 600 square metre.

2005 exhibition data: 1542 ginseng postpone a business, come from 48 countries, among them 61% postpone a business for international ginseng. The audience amounts to 94127 people, come from 149 countries, international audience is occupied 34% .

2007 exhibition data: 1742 ginseng postpone a business, come from 55 countries, among them 62% postpone a business for international ginseng. Exhibit an area to amount to 130 000 square metre. The audience amounts to 100522 people, come from 165 countries, audience of its China border is occupied 36% .

Ginseng extend range

Oral cavity internal medicine: Clean tooth machine, smooth solidify machine, anaesthetic - forming machine of local and corresponding appliance, decolour; Oral cavity surgery: Dentistry cultivates series, surgical equipment and appliance, cultivate reach furniture to wait; Material: Polishing material, cast head of CD, polish, protective equipment, fill up material of bridge of goods of material, moulage material, compound colophony, cotton, coronal, false tooth material, cleaner, one-time material; abnormal: abnormal appliance, abnormal / tooth week data; Repair division: Product of series of the porcelain that bake, cast appliance of material of machine, rehabilitate, rehabilitate, false tooth to weigh line to repair material to wait; Radiative division: Smooth machine of X line equipment and accessory, X, X piece processing equipment and accessory, number is become picture, tooth piece etc; Wholesome things: Tooth brush, electric toothbrush, toothpaste, liquid cleaner, dentistry uses health care of medicines and chemical reagents, disinfectant, oral cavity to cream, agent of sparge of dental floss of tine of raw material of clean tooth fluid, toothpaste, clean, medicaments dental floss, gargle, oral cavity, oral cavity nurses mist of clean of things, mouth, clean ages tastily fluid, ; Integrated kind: Dentistry treats chair, disinfection integratedly things of compressor of equipment of test of ark of equipment, appliance, education, air, hospital management, clean health care.
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