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2009 the 13rd enlighten do obeisance to exhibiti
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[exhibit meeting time place]

Time: In March 2009 10-12 day

Place: A couplet chief of a tribe enlighten do obeisance to

Sponsor square: Dibaiwei is unripe ministry, enlighten do obeisance to international to exhibit a center to wait

[postpone meeting introduction]

Middle east enlighten the exhibition of medicine of professional dentistry oral cavity that does obeisance to exhibition of medicine of international oral cavity to be considered as middle east area to have force most, the 13rd exhibition will at in March 2009 10~12 day is in enlighten do obeisance to international to exhibit a center to hold. Should exhibit got enlighten long, Ministry of finance, Dibaiwei gives birth to Bai Qiu the bureau support energetically. During exhibition, still have numerous the seminar of of all kinds special subject related to tine of the oral cavity medicine, beauty that protect tine, seminar, communication is met etc. Enlighten the optimal arena that doing obeisance to major of oral cavity medicine to exhibit is the newest product that things of facility of division of world each front tooth produces a Trade Fair to show them, it is the important way of the market share that also produces business, agency to enlarge them to be in thalassic area greatly each.

Be in a few years of in the past, the tooth prevented a career to get growing quickly in middle east area. Medicine of middle east oral cavity is exhibited is the exhibition of dentistry of professional oral cavity that middle east area has force extremely, also was to collect major of oral cavity medicine agency of manufacturer of things of equipment of personage, dentistry, and tooth school work authoritative major grand meeting. Ginseng exhibit business and ginseng to exhibit a product to was gotten very good echo by very big welcome, can join too exhibit middle east enlighten do obeisance to exhibition of oral cavity medicine, the product that exhibits business for numerous ginseng entered middle east market to offer a convenience and effective shortcut.
2006 exhibition data: Ginseng postpone a business many 450, come from 63 countries and area; Professional audience amounts to 15725 people, come from 113 countries, have expert of medicine of 3600 factitious oral cavity among them.

[ginseng extend range]

Oral cavity internal medicine: Clean tooth machine, smooth solidify machine, anaesthetic - forming machine of local and corresponding appliance, decolour; Oral cavity surgery: Dentistry cultivates series, surgical equipment and appliance, cultivate reach furniture to wait; Material: Polishing material, cast head of CD, polish, protective equipment, fill up material of bridge of goods of material, moulage material, compound colophony, cotton, coronal, false tooth material, cleaner, one-time material; abnormal: abnormal appliance, abnormal / tooth week data; Repair division: Product of series of the porcelain that bake, cast appliance of material of machine, rehabilitate, rehabilitate, false tooth to weigh line to repair material to wait; Radiative division: Smooth machine of X line equipment and accessory, X, X piece processing equipment and accessory, number is become picture, tooth piece etc; Wholesome things: Tooth brush, electric toothbrush, toothpaste, liquid cleaner, dentistry uses health care of medicines and chemical reagents, disinfectant, oral cavity to cream, agent of sparge of dental floss of tine of raw material of clean tooth fluid, toothpaste, clean, medicaments dental floss, gargle, oral cavity, oral cavity nurses mist of clean of things, mouth, clean ages tastily fluid, ; Integrated kind: Dentistry treats chair, disinfection integratedly things of compressor of equipment of test of ark of equipment, appliance, education, air, hospital management, clean health care.
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