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Because think,Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste publicizes " curative effect " not effective, consumer ginger lady accuses the manufacturing business of this toothpaste and distributors court, request times doubler return return toothpaste money and loss of spirit of claim for compensation 8000 yuan. On September 12, court of military clear district heard this case. Because rose on September 1 this year, " cosmetic label administers a regulation " carry out, specific provision cosmetic is not gotten bright show or allude medical treatment action, toothpaste already was included cosmetic category, this case gets attention fully accordingly.    Incident is answered put   Costly toothpaste is done not have " effect " Ginger lady is Heilongjiang person, work in this city, shack Wu Qing area. She is sued say, on July 20, she goes to the supermarket of Home Hua Runmo near road of Zhen Hua of Wu Qing area to shop, see this 150 grams faint scent of outfit, mint Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste. Although this toothpaste price does not poor (27.9 yuan / raise) , but the specification that its pack a box to go up still makes her be very interested. The specification expresses, this toothpaste has precaution and treatment to tooth disease " effect " , ginger lady bought then. But, after insisting to use many days 20, she did not feel corresponding " effect " , production then business and supermarket tell a court, raise as above requirement.    Spot of front courtyard careful Hit commonweal lawsuit to reject to reconcile Last week 5, inc. of group of Baiyao of the accused Yunnan does not have front courtyard, limited company of supermarket of life of Home Hua Runmo entrusts an agent to should appeal to. On front courtyard, ginger lady says, self-conscious " be duped " hind, she examined relevant data, be informed only medicines and chemical reagents just can publicize curative effect, and toothpaste belongs to chemical product, can regard oral cavity as clean things only. "The price tower above of this toothpaste is similar the product is very severalfold, what I take a fancy to is the curative effect that it publicizes, but the feeling was decieved now. " she thinks, the product conduct propaganda of Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste does not have legal basis, belong to false conduct propaganda, so according to " consumer rights and interests protects a law " the legitimate rights and interests that safeguards oneself. The agent of supermarket of Home Hua Runmo weighs the accused, fulfilled when their replenish onr's stock relevant examine obligation, sell product of this experience case to do not have fault. Accuser says to there is the effect after its had used this product, lack corresponding evidence, because this does not agree with the litigant request of accuser. The lawyer of ginger lady says, sell the 3 circumstances to 5 yuan to fall only in other toothpaste, yunnan Baiyao toothpaste sells nearly 30 yuan, inevitable meeting lets consumer think its have medical effect, cause misunderstanding. Although Inc. of Baiyao of the accused Yunnan does not have front courtyard, but the lady that occupy ginger says, before open a court session, manufacturer ever was sent the person is communicated with its, piece " high price " reconcile condition. But, ginger lady says: "I did not promise them, what I hit is commonweal lawsuit, must a court decision, publicize action phonily for the sake of hitting this to plant. " won't do as a result of mediation, the judge did not announce result of front courtyard careful on the court.   
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