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Toothpaste next year enters a cosmetic
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Carried out on September 1 on this year formerly " cosmetic label administers a regulation " bring into oral cavity things country of   of cosmetic management system to pledge check total bureau was released on August 27, 2007 " cosmetic label administers a regulation " , executive date is this year on September 1. This year on August 4, qualitative check total bureau sends an announcement again, instead of will last executive time on October 1, 2009. Can this regulation give domestic cosmetic industry and consumer what to kind of influence bring after all? Recently, the reporter interviewed place of Dalian qualitative check Dr. Mao Xiqin, ask her to do understanding to read for this regulation. "Does management set " why stay of execution? " cosmetic label administers a regulation " be with total bureau on August 27, 2007 by total bureau of national qualitative check the form of the 100th order is released. In label content respect, the regulation asks cosmetic must tag the clean content that produces date, expiration period, lot number, product; Formal respect, cosmetic label must be tagged in unit of the smallest sale (pack) on, and public proclamation prohibits marking use consumer of misdirect of language of font size, chromatism or allusive sex, graph, symbol. Dr. Mao introduces, this administers a regulation specific executive date that the regulation makes clear in 100 order is on September 1, 2008. This year on August 4, qualitative check total bureau allots an announcement to point out " in view of eye forehead company of cent cosmetic production still has a certain quantity of cosmetic to pack inventory, for resource conservation, avoid and reduce waste, total bureau decides: The cosmetic that produces treatment before October 1, 2009 can continue to use the original label that pack. Since October 1, 2009, supervisory branch of various quality technology closes to notting agree with " cosmetic label administers a regulation " the cosmetic of the requirement, give lawfully investigate. " this that is to say was lengthened " management sets " the transition that carries out actually period, this also gave a company more rectifying settling time, carry out the environment with create better for what set next year. Which 3 large window does new regulation have? 1. Punish doctor of measure   wool clearly to introduce, before new management provides go into effect, what still carry out at present is to issued executive national standard 1995, its are already apparent incommensurate new condition. The regulation combines the new issue that appears in recent years, to cosmetic the label is tagged content and tagged a form to make farther specific provision, provided condemnatory measure, make this regulation has legal sanction more. "The regulation had released a year, each punishment amount parts highest it is 10 thousand yuan. " Dr. Mao says. 2. Full class status tags doctor of wool of   of authority of protective know the inside story to introduce, this provides one of the largest window, it is the requirement that the provision still raised to produce treatment ground, full class status actually to cosmetic to tag, clear cosmetic label must not tag exaggerated function, false conduct propaganda, debase congener product, bright show or the content that the suggestion has medical treatment effect, must not tag create the product name with promiscuous perhaps misunderstanding easily to consumer. "New regulation asks, besides declaring confidential recipe, all part that contain in cosmetic need mark outpour to come, let consumer be clear at a glance. " Dr. Mao says. 3. Oral cavity things brings into cosmetic to superintend   this regulation to wait for water of toothpaste, gargle oral cavity things to bring into cosmetic to superintend a system explicitly first. Dr. Mao says, before this kind of product and what neither one makes clear is attributive, undertake administrative as common consumable all the time, the standard of the superintendency that gives quality, market bring many hidden trouble. "" set " fill the blank on this kind of product management, to consolidating the market, protect a brand to have very big effect especially. In the meantime, to consumer, bringing into cosmetic inspect body is, was to increase the superintendency strength to it. " is   regulation carried out what effect will produce? 1. Consumer obtains   of authority of more know the inside story to should set is a country qualitative check total bureau superintends a branch as product quality cogent perform function, ensure the reality of product quality safety needs, it is the important step that aggrandizement product safety superintends, be superintendency jurisprudence of pair of safety of our country product is farther perfect. Of the regulation carry out smoothly, gave consumer right of more know the inside story, for instance cosmetic has what part, actual production machines the ground to wait for information where, bought a product to provide more referenced information to consumer, be helpful for consumer be being consumed for nothing obviously, can prevent quality effectively thereby fraudulent action, protect the health of consumer and security better. 2. Entrust treatment company to be faced with shuffle   produces a business to cosmetic for, mean should undertake new design to packing the specific requirement according to new regulation oldly, want to change to be packed newly, this involves all cosmetic to produce a business. Additional, the entrusts treatment behavior existence problem in tasting an industry to making up at present is aimed at in new regulation, the requirement is machined to the actual production of the enterprise the ground and entrust treatment and cent outfit enterprise to undertake tagging, the requirement is entrusted enterprise must the cosmetic with lawful and effective hold produces licence, for the business that this processes to the commission that at present a few diminutive do not have aptitude, influence and concussion are bigger. "A lot of small commission machine an enterprise to superintend key be includinged the object, but at this point in light of the market become divided before, they assumed not little production treatment, this industry will is faced with shuffle. " Dr. Mao says.   of   of A06b reporter Wang Lin [news is outspread] the consumptive guidance   that   expects authoritative branch to " cosmetic label administers a regulation " , what view can consumer have? The reporter understands in interview, a cosmetic is bought do not buy, to consumer, most choice basis is him try out or the friend is recommended. "Because do not have product label, after all how does this thing just calculate accord with a standard, we are done not have particularly authoritative information support. " middleaged lady expresses, after new regulation is carried out, the label of composition had, but the alternative that lacks authority however and judgement. Dalian city pledges Dr. Mao Xiqin represents check place, as the phase of new regulation, qualitative check branch already had the consideration that consumes directive respect, carry out those who coordinate new regulation, the use of a few forms to cosmetic and consumption do have the aid of a few guidance. Reporter Wang Lin

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