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The country adopts inspect appoint policy and Yuan Junming of head of department of legal general affairs expressed recently, ministry of Public Health and country adopt inspect appoint will take step, eliminate a tooth to prevent the influence that series event brings, publish a strict attestation and evaluation program, make " attestation " become authority to symbolize, cause toothpaste industry extensive resonance. The reporter understands from the related side, the attestation standard that is about to come on stage consults international relevant specification is made, cent is " reduce tooth bacterium spot " , " reduce tooth gingivitis " , " the stone that fight a tooth " and " the tooth is whitened " wait for 11 check mark to allow, at the same time attestation mark imprints have " Chinese attestation " model of written characters. Chinese oral cavity nurses Xu Chunsheng of committee member of major of science and technology of association of clean things industry says to the reporter, the entrance is used, the condition do not have foreword that contacts the toothpaste of oral cavity mucous membrane to still be in unmanned superintendency sanitation and examine and verify at present directly, consumer acknowledge toothpaste is complete by advertisement. He points out, "Attestation " blame is mandatory decided the enterprise can attend of one's own accord, resemble " the university entrance exam " same. But authoritative " effect attestation " statement speech can guide scientific consumption, than " advertisement bomb " more all wool and a yard wide. It is reported, jiangsu ounce day changes a company to be on the seminar that holds yesterday, manufacturer of the expert inside relevant course of study, toothpaste and countrywide agency delegate in succession " attestation " the influence that publishs pair of markets expresses a view. College of medicine of oral cavity of the university that be the same as aid teachs Gao Zhiyan to think, concerned branch should implement toothpaste production and wholesome license system as soon as possible, publish the safe level of toothpaste and attestation standard as soon as possible. His all without exception says with all sorts of feelings, now a few manufacturer for toothpaste magical, ignore the health of body and mind of the person that use and potential hidden danger right-down, some manufacturer are added in toothpaste even " medicine " . Claiming is " the toothpaste that contain fluorine " detect the content of result dissociate fluorine is unexpectedly 0, those who claim " toothpaste of specially good effect " detect the result does not have any effect actually, and only authoritative " attestation " ability relies on light the toothpaste close the door on that the concept acclaims. Chief also expresses related enterprise of a toothpaste, "Attestation " of the standard come on stage, to us the enterprise is one " final examination " , whether " enter oneself for an examination " , can " one's deceased father " a few minutes, it is stern test truly. He thinks, on the market " moth-proofing " , " the United States is white " , " solid ages " , " hemostatic " be toothpaste is general sell a site, these effect will lean henceforth " attestation " conversation, so " attestation " will be toothpaste enters a of the market without doubt " doorsill " , consumer also has only " acknowledge the superiority or seniority of " have those who sell a site " attestation " product. Expert attending the meeting is analysed generally, unless produce the toothpaste that is without effect only, be not what carry out compulsively " attestation " once the standard comes on stage carry out, allow the Dai Yan of introductory cage and toothpaste with respect to what became the market actually, new the lawful attestation orgnaization that come on stage also will resemble " take an examination of an official " safeguard euqally " attestation " authority, "Attestation " brought bow wave will make of toothpaste industry shuffle finally without can avoid.

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