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Toothpaste advertisement must not say curative e
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Beautiful bacterium of white, curb, toothpaste function often manufacturer said to calculate, the new rule that came on stage in September publicizes the tie diction -- ,
Because think bamboo salt, cropland 7, a book on Chinese medicine of clean silver-colored Chinese traditional medicine, China shows beauty of clean full effect 5 precious, high to wait for brand toothpaste to publicize antiphlogistic curb bacterium, Qing Dynasty to heat up a variety of oral cavity such as reduce internal heat to protect physiotherapy effect in vain, propagandist inconsistent with the facts, existence is con, the manufacturer home brand of 7 kinds of famous toothpaste introduces to Beijing consumer Wang Hualin court. A few days ago, first instance of court of a mountainous area people adjudges Beijing stone scene, cognizance toothpaste is nonexistent false conduct propaganda and commerce are con, rejected all lawsuit of Wang Hualin to request.

   Consumer: Shape accuses toothpaste conduct propaganda to lose a lawsuit
Wang Hualin says, last year on November 24, he was bought tag have beautiful white tooth, fight phlogistic curb bacterium, clear heat 7 kinds of alexipharmic, toothpaste that avoid the curative effect such as tooth of eat by moth, come home after using period of time, discover these toothpaste cannot achieve propagandist effect. He thinks 7 kinds of toothpaste did not define medicaments content, diction of promiscuous medicines and chemical reagents, alluding toothpaste effect and remedial effect is misdirect and beguiling consumer, then 7 kinds on Feburary 25 the manufacturer home of famous toothpaste brand introduces to a court, ask each toothpaste produces a business times doubler recoup a loss and make an apology.
In the first instance of this case, court of people of division of Beijing stone Jing Shan thinks, "Cannot maintain a product to whether have some kind of use effect in order to consume individual judgement, also cannot make con conduct for reason view with this, the practical effect that and accuser does not have evidence confirms generation of the place after use place buys toothpaste " . Reason sentences Wang Hualin to lose a lawsuit.
Wang Hualin expresses, he already appealed Beijing court of the first intermediate people.

   Manufacturer: The effect because of the person different
These toothpaste if really be like this magical " curative effect " ? On August 20, the controller that ministry of career of product of health of Inc. of Yunnan Baiyao group does not wish to disclose a full name admits toothpaste is day turns a product, but he emphasizes at the same time, hit " health care " because,banner is " the product was used ' the country is confidential recipe ' , to consumer oral cavity the environment can provide sanitarian function. " this controller still expresses, because environment of every consumer oral cavity is different, effect because of the person different, "What is more,the rather that toothpaste is not medicine, cannot cure-all. Cannot cure-all..
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