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After the country such as afterwards Panama, United States stops what carry out China makes to contain 2 pleasant mellow toothpaste, australia also asks China is made those who contain 2 pleasant alcohol is outstanding (Excel) toothpaste and another children toothpaste (Mr. Cool) is in bay next wearing stop carry out. According to " Australia daily " and " Australia signs up for newly " report, the is the same as sample card containing that China produces 2 pleasant mellow toothpaste ever was in the country such as Panama, Dominica produces similar incident, so far, because the person that did not use uses the toothpaste that contains 2 pleasant alcohol and the case that causes death. In addition, as a result of bay bureau of drug put under surveillance cannot limit toothpaste for food or medicaments, still stop the import that contains 2 pleasant mellow toothpaste so without control of a standard. "Toothpaste disturbance is the exit of toothpaste of China of suppress of purpose of some wests country actually, for its commerce punish searchs excuse. The contains 2 pleasant alcohol toothpaste that China makes, secondly Gan Chun's content accords with the standard that committee of science of European Union food establishs completely to set, it is safe. " " 915 " national science and technology tackles key problem academician of old Jun Shi tells chief scientist of food safety project reporter of 39 healthy networks. As we have learned, current, china has put forward bargaining to the country such as the United States. Toothpaste safety disturbance does not have a few day of reporter of   of too big impact and home to change an enterprise to undertake contacting to home, they express in succession, 2 pleasant mellow incident won't cause too big effect to the enterprise. The reporter interviewed a few citizens that buying toothpaste randomly, they express, 2 pleasant mellow incident won't affect them to buy homebred toothpaste, "Homebred toothpaste is quite good with, price is low also, I still can be bought later. " a citizen expresses to the reporter. As we have learned, 2 pleasant alcohol is to serve as a kind to keep wet agent among toothpaste. On June 1, american food and management board of medicines and chemical reagents release entrance alarm to say, from inside Chinese toothpaste check went out highest contain the 2 pleasant alcohol of 4% , warn consumer not to use the toothpaste that China makes. The toothpaste to China adopted American food and management board of medicines and chemical reagents to detain measure. Subsequently, chinese country pledges check total bureau says about chief response, before all toothpaste that export the United States are exporting China offerred a prescription to American food and management board of medicines and chemical reagents by American importer, the content of 2 pleasant alcohol indicated in the recipe. These toothpaste already obtained the label of American food and management board of medicines and chemical reagents to register, allow sale is in the beauty. Accordingly, american food and consumer of warning of management board of medicines and chemical reagents do not use China to produce toothpaste, the practice since of the home made product in be being detained is unscientific, irresponsible, also be self-contradictory. "The standard that according to science of European Union food committee establishs sets, according to weight computation of the person, each everyday the 2 pleasant alcohol that every kilograms weight absorbs 0.5mg is safety. " academician of Mr Chen stone tells a reporter. It is reported, our country is answered to 2 pleasant mellow incident seasonable, did not cause too big effect to home market. But reporter discovery, as a result of,still have a few customer foregoing neat 2 medicine holiday is involved in medical incident " 2 pleasant are mellow " heart impeach Lv. One cries " two bottles drunk " the netizen goes out in rich guest middle finger: Neat last year the culprit of incident of 2 drug false drug, the industrial dissolvent glycol that uses petty gain namely replaces remedy complementary makings third 2 alcohol (glycerine) . And according to " supervisory management board of national provision medicines and chemical reagents reports Qiqihaerdi cases of 2 pharmaceutical factory false drug investigate new progress " official conclusion is " 2 Gan Chun oxidizes to cause a kidney into oxalic acid to damage inside body " . Be aimed at the misgive of consumer, mr Chen stone tells a reporter, 2 pleasant alcohol is low poison, be in early 2000, our country expert studies with respect to what ever had undertaken is as long as two years to on 1000 people, the result makes clear, although use 2 pleasant mellow content for a long time to be as high as the toothpaste of 15.6% , absorb the 2 of one's own accord that enter human body alcohol is calculated every kilograms according to everybody, also have 0.17mg only, far the standard under 0.5mg. And, the toothpaste that because use,did not contain 2 pleasant alcohol at present and cause the case with toxic human body directly. "The 2 pleasant alcohol in toothpaste and neat the vein in 2 medicine notes by accident contain ' 2 pleasant are mellow ' the consequence that medicaments produces is completely different. Resemble saccharin is low poison, but still can serve as additive agent for food. Want to control proper amount only, it is safe. "   of   of industry of caution of disturbance of   toothpaste safety " although 2 Gan Chun toothpaste are safe, but this toothpaste safety disturbance still has caution effect to the industry. " cleanness of Chinese oral cavity nurses things industry association does not wish the controller of sign one's name tells 39 health network reporter. Introduce according to this association controller, this disturbance involves foreign trade controversial issue, the country pledges check total bureau also has a demand to guild, he hopes not to disclose its full name. This association controller tells a reporter, in toothpaste, 2 pleasant alcohol is the substitute that serves as Shan Lichun, wet to creaming be protected since body shape effect, right amount use be safety. 10 years ago, because the price of 2 pleasant alcohol compares petty gain, accordingly by home application of company of a lot of toothpaste. But because at present the price of these two kinds of raw material differs very small, domestic large company is used basically no longer. "Enterprise of domestic major toothpaste had replaced 2 pleasant alcohol with Shan Lichun. 2 pleasant alcohol is contained to had belonged to old recipe in toothpaste, association will be accelerated henceforth eliminate step. "   as we have learned, home calls the toothpaste brand that must go up and manufacturing company only 40-60, but what produce toothpaste actually is medium coolie factory is close however 1000, if calculate the enterprise of type of on a few manual mill, quantitative more. Have media coverage, current, the proprietor of an enterprise of these manual mill type wants to be in Yangzhou of Zhejiang justice black, Jiangsu and Guangdong to be taken centrally, these enterprises defend unripe condition to differ, invited employee is very few also. Normally normal company introduces production line of a toothpaste, need many yuan 3000, and these small plants are thrown 10 thousand yuan with 5-10 can do toothpaste. The area waits in justice black, because to the enterprise those who execute is quota tax system, older rate reduced the cost that the enterprise throws. "Because toothpaste is the thing of the entrance, compare in foreign management strict, be compared and character, our country still remains to strengthen to this management. " a personage inside course of study expresses to the reporter. As we have learned, be in our country, toothpaste is tasted as light industry all the time, manage by light industry ministry before, after cancel of light industry ministry, manage for you by light industry federation. Current, return the administrative unit with unified neither one. Toothpaste encounters quality problem, by government of qualitative check branch; Encounter wholesome problem, by management of door of Ministry of Public Health; If be functional toothpaste, superintend sectional government by drug provision again. "At present cosmetic production has admittance system, and toothpaste is used in the mouth directly, do not have even basic admittance system however. "   is right this, this association controller expresses, association general introduces production to allow a system in toothpaste production industry. According to divulging, the branch such as total bureau of qualitative prison of association general and state combines formulate " toothpaste product production permits detailed rules " , current, this detailed rules already entered early days examine and verify to intend the work. If this detailed rules comes on stage, hopeful washs out a batch of backward toothpaste to produce manufacturer

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