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Ministry of Public Health accelerates medical ap
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To restore order of servive routine of sanitation of medical treatment of disaster area of earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River as soon as possible, masses of contented disaster area is basic demand of medical treatment hygiene, a few days ago, ministry of Public Health held medical apparatus and instruments to purchase news news briefing centrally in Beijing. Finance affairs of program of Ministry of Public Health manages director Zhao Zilin introduces, ministry of Public Health jointly with Sichuan, Gansu Province, Shaanxi government of 3 provinces people wove jointly " sanitation of earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River rebuilds after systematic calamity special program " , had reported the State Council aseismatic commander in chief providing disaster relief ministry. In addition, ministry of Public Health still organized an expert to make prefectural form the orgnaization such as clinic of lab of center of control of precaution of hospital of polyclinic, villages and towns, disease, village is main project of medical treatment plant layout, configuration equipment total is controlled 2 billion yuan. Zhao Zilin still introduces, execute medical apparatus and instruments to be purchased centrally, it is the standard purchases behavior, reduce purchase the value, ensure the significant step of quality of medical apparatus and instruments, also be the significant move that the commerce in preventing purchase and sale of medical apparatus and instruments boodles. According to reporter understanding, ministry of Public Health entrusted international communication and cooperative center organization this to implement 2008 year high cost is medical bad news material is purchased centrally, announce a result at the near future. This is wholesome radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries second organization carries out those who supply the whole nation to purchase the job. Master Li Hongshan expresses communication of international of Ministry of Public Health and cooperative center, this concentration is purchased is undertake choosing in 1106 products from 78 domestic and international enterprises, among them 948 products of 71 enterprises are labelled clinch a deal await select a product. Purchase in Benciji act on scientific and fair justice, transparent principle, avoid factitious intervention, get the attention of domestic and international enterprise, especially government of China of hope of beautiful square industry can extend afore-mentioned ways. Occupy reporter understanding additionally, "The seventeenth China International is medical instrument equipment exhibition and technical communication are met " will come 12 days to be held in Beijing exhibition on October 10, the corresponding period still will hold a hospital to develop forum, medical apparatus and instruments purchases working delibrate and new product, new technology to popularize communication to be able to wait for an activity centrally.

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