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Toothpaste " change " cosmetic has what composit
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" cosmetic label administers a regulation " after be being carried out since September 1, consumer buys toothpaste to not be afraid of by flicker. Rose on September 1, " cosmetic label administers a regulation " (the following abbreviation " regulation " ) will carry out. Toothpaste is brought into formally cosmetic label management, besides cannot publicize curative effect, toothpaste is embedded why to plant composition gets line out to come. Cosmetic must tag full class status " regulation " requirement, cosmetic must tag the clean content that produces date, expiration period, lot number and product. And must tag in unit of the smallest sale (pack) on, and public proclamation prohibits marking use consumer of misdirect of language of font size, chromatism or allusive sex, graph, symbol. " regulation " clear cosmetic label must not tag exaggerated function, false conduct propaganda, debase congener product, bright show or allude the content that has medical treatment effect. Must not tag create the product name with promiscuous perhaps misunderstanding easily to consumer. In addition, " regulation " still ask cosmetic must tag full class status to express, all composition with embedded cosmetic get line out to come, tag method and requirement not to accord with corresponding standard to set, instruct deadline to correct; Exceed the time limit did not correct, place fine below with 10 thousand yuan. Toothpaste is labelled cosmetic label manages " regulation " cosmetic the definition is " with daub, gush, asperse other perhaps and similar method, apply at human body (tine of the skin, hair, fingernail, lip) , in order to achieve cleanness, maintain, beautification, decorate and change the outward appearance or amend human body odour, the product that carries kilter to be a purpose " , this one definition includes cosmetic range toothpaste first, the label standard that presses cosmetic undertakes administrative. The personage inside course of study points out, toothpaste is regarded as general goods all the time, after label of the cosmetic that be labelled manages, will get more effective superintendency, keep within limits the false conduct propaganda with a few optional enterprises. Cosmetic, toothpaste is faced with change pack the reporter discovers when Shenyang market is visited yesterday, still many cosmetic tag the United States white, go knitting wait for a function, some claims even via clinical test and verify, the oral cavity disease such as ulcer of haemorrhage of medicable periodontosis, gum, oral cavity. And the composition of toothpaste, some was not tagged, some tagged 9 kinds of main and active part only. The expert expresses related chamber of commerce of cosmetic of countrywide business association, according to the regulation, the product before partial cosmetic company must is opposite at present is packed undertake readjust. Guangzhou some toothpaste produces business working personnel to express, can have production according to national requirement later.

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