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Heilongjiang] unplug without card the tooth rec
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Recently, tried the practise medicine that do not have card one case to send a person to harm a case according to the court that install a county, the Xu Mou that did not obtain doctor card and mount guard evidence was carried out for patient Zhou Mou unplug tooth operation, received a patient only cost of 9 yuan of diagnosis and treatment, because patient week is affected after some,must compensate for 9000 yuan to its however. This year on Feburary 9, the toothache when according to the dweller that install a county Zhou Mou gets up in the morning is gotten fierce, and have red the evidence that become loose, then he sees a doctor, xu Mou was carried out to Zhang Mou at once unplug tooth operation, and collection diagnosis and treatment expends 9 yuan of money. After Zhou Mou unplugs the tooth comes home before long, with respect to occurrence cut haemorrhage, calorific wait for a symptom. On Feburary 11, zhou Mou breaths out one hospital of Er city to see a doctor to Qi Qi, be by diagnose " before going up, unplug the tooth achieves stomatitis of sex of infection, bleb " . Worsen further to prevent a patient's condition, doctor proposal Zhou Mou instantly hospitalization, produce medical treatment cost in all during be in hospital 9215 yuan. Unplug a tooth costs nearly 10 thousand yuan, zhou Mou wants to jump over feel vexed more. On May 10, zhou Mou sues Xu Mou to according to court of the people that install a county, ask Xu Mou assumes cure to expend 9215 yuan, compensate for mental solatium at the same time 3000 yuan. After the court is tried, sentence your Xu Mou to assume cure to expend 8500 yuan according to bilateral fault degree, compensate for week of some spirit solatium 500 yuan.

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