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Ministry of Education of Ministry of Public Heal
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On July 21, ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Education combines print and distribute " middle and primary school gives birth to healthy check-up to run way " . Cong Jinqiu begins, be born to will undertake groovy and healthy check-up every year in school middle and primary school; Obligation teachs level, check-up charge of the student by school just assume. Method sets, the school should organize new student of all enter a school to undertake healthy check-up, establish healthy record. Groovy and healthy check-up undertakes every year in school student. Check-up basically has medical routine examination of index of function of examination of examination, department of stomatology, surgical examination, body index examination, physiology. Tuberculin experiment needs for new student of enter a school of elementary school, junior high school check project. In the meantime, check-up orgnaization part of one's job is fastened to the student (the parent) , result of check-up of health of the school and feedback of local education service and healthy evaluation result. The school and educational service should enact the measure of stimulative student health according to check-up result. Ministry of Public Health expresses, obligation teachs level, the charge of student health check-up by the school public funds expenditure, funds appropriate method is made jointly by department of provincial education, finance. The student health check-up of compulsory education phase is specific fare level is taught according to place by provincial and relevant section, wholesome state and economic progress level are certain.

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