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The profession hits curative effect of false per
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Toothpaste of 6 kinds of well-known trademarks is appealed to false conduct propaganda

A lot of toothpaste that publicize him brand have the mixed toothpaste ad on TV now " prevent tooth of eat by moth " , " prevent gum agnail " , the multiple effect such as problem of remedial oral cavity. Can do these toothpaste have these really " magical " effect? The profession hits dummy Wang Hualin to was opposite a few days ago this matter relatively rose true, with Gao Loujie, cropland 7, blue sky 6 treat surely wait for 6 kinds of famous toothpaste to be suspected of false conduct propaganda, misdirect, deceit for consumer, told these toothpaste manufacturer the court. This morning, open a court session of court of people of division of Beijing stone Jing Shan heard this case, on front courtyard, toothpaste manufacturer raised doubt to consumer identity of Wang Hualin.

Wang Hualin's name perhaps is not person place to be familiar with, but the limited company of adviser of Beijing sea business affairs that mentions king sea open, can saying almost is known to all, and Wang Hualin is adviser of Beijing sea business affairs the project manager of the website of Wang Hai hot line below limited company.

On November 24, 2007, wang Hualin is in boreal capital branch of hill of scene of stone of integrated supermarket Inc. bought couplet to show beauty of clean full effect high to wait for toothpaste in vain. On the advertisement conduct propaganda of toothpaste, white toothpaste of beauty of full effect of high syrup clean is saying to have " prevent tooth of eat by moth, prevent stone of tooth of gum agnail, precaution, solid enamel " wait for a function, bamboo salt toothpaste is publicized " not only can the metabolic function of aggrandizement human body, improve a constitution, still can enhance appetite " , toothpaste of hot reduce internal heat expresses Tian Qiqing can " place of ulcer of nonstop get angry, continuously antiphlogistic, clear heat is alexipharmic " , 7 kinds of toothpaste differ almost the publicized oneself medical treatment effect of degree. To this, after Wang Hualin says he comes home, every kinds of toothpaste used period of time, can be solved what oneself oral cavity problem did not resemble advertisement publicizing at all in that way.

Today on the court, wang Hualin says excitedly: "Say toothpaste has curative effect, what is the basis? Have clinical trial? I suggest the country cancels the stomatological hospital, have you this cure-all toothpaste, even does the stomatological hospital do what? " Wang Hualin points out, according to regulation of our country Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, advertisement of blame medicines and chemical reagents must not have the conduct propaganda that involves drug, pharmaceutical Affairs Law carries out byelaw to also set, blame medicines and chemical reagents is publicizing the conduct propaganda that there is disease of precaution, cure, diagnostic human body on the data. Because the manufacturer home of these a few kinds of toothpaste is apparent,have the action of consumer of false conduct propaganda, misdirect, deceit.
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