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Full name: Xiaodu
Nation: The Han nationality
Graduate school: College of medicine of northwest nation university
Graduation time: 2008.7
Desire position: Doctor of oral cavity whole family
Post category: Wholesome medical treatment
Talent type: This year's graduates
Working hours: 0 Year

Sexual distinction: Male
Marital status: Maiden
The birth date: 198208
Height: 165
Title: Of short duration is not had
What learn major: Oral cavity medicine
Highest record of formal schooling: Three-year institution of higher learning
Issue date: 2008-9-24


College of medicine of university of 2005-2008 northwest nation

Contact means

Contact: Prevent gentleman
Connect a telephone call: 15829300704
What belong to a city: Xi'an city
What belong to area: Shaanxi
Zip code: 0
Individual homepage:
Contact an address: The outskirt austral Xi'an city

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