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Liu Xuanying
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Full name: Liu Xuanying
Nation: The Han nationality
Graduate school: Boreal China
Graduation time: Half an year
Desire position: Oral cavity doctor
Post category: Mechanic
Talent type: This year's graduates
Working hours: 1 Year

Sexual distinction: Female
Marital status: Maiden
The birth date: 19890801
Height: 160
Title: Of short duration is not had
What learn major: Oral cavity medicine
Highest record of formal schooling: Three-year institution of higher learning
Issue date: 2008-9-24


My Ceng Zaitong changes downtown hospital to jackaroo, white now hill clinic of one oral cavity works, oneself theory is enriched in practice. Undertake below the teacher's guidance the technology is operated, get taking exercise in practice. I think knowledge is admittedly important, but the most important still is to want a knowledge and practice perfect union, let a head, heart, the hand stands into a line. As a this year's graduates, in the results that gets in the exercitation, the investment with imbibition sufficient experience arrives in oral cavity medicine, remove for oral cavity patient ailment.
Be graduated from a pharmaceutical college of the cure that turn city (defend school)
Learn assiduously in the school, study result is exceedingly good, the homework is solid, accomplish a study sth in order to apply it.
Have good group consciousness, find pleasure to help others, do not be afraid of bear hardships, sureness works, be willing to be made from basic level.
To tooth body dental pulp, the cure of periodontosis masters adroitly already, can undertake operating cure independently.
Have skilled worker 4 class card

Contact means

Contact: Liu Xuanying
Connect a telephone call: 15943519917
What belong to a city: Turn city
What belong to area: Jilin
Zip code: 0
Individual homepage:
Contact an address: Jilin province is connected turn city

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