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Pang Yongzhi
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Full name: Pang Yongzhi
Nation: The Han nationality
Graduate school: Schools of He lustre medicine
Graduation time: 2 8 years 00 in July
Desire position: Oral cavity or relevant major
Post category: Wholesome medical treatment
Talent type: This year's graduates
Working hours: 1 Year

Sexual distinction: Male
Marital status: Maiden
The birth date: 19860210
Height: 170
Title: advanced title
What learn major: Oral cavity major
Highest record of formal schooling: Three-year institution of higher learning
Issue date: 2008-7-11


Oral cavity surgery, repair, internal medicine. Surgical respect can be accomplished parotid gland is excised below asepsis condition cyst of swollen content, excision, unplug the general operation such as the tooth; Repair respect can complete the design of fixed false tooth and RPD and operation basically; Medical respect can be diagnosed and treat disease of dental pulp of disease of mucous membrane of general periodontosis, oral cavity and common tooth body to wait.

Contact means

Contact: Pang Yongzhi
Connect a telephone call: 13290190853
What belong to a city: Heart state city
What belong to area: Shandong
Zip code: 251200
Individual homepage: Of short duration is not had
Contact an address: City of Shandong the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty

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