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Hangzhou live hidden safety problems were shared hospital Dental Instruments
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According to news reports inspected, with insider to the Commission, as the hotline call and say, Hangzhou Hospital of oral medical devices harmonious confusion, the patient probably has the risk of cross infection. Insider broke the news reporters are live after the Dental Hospital, the use of medical devices were investigated. Different patients with the same dental instruments If we meet patients with AIDS and other infectious diseases, very serious consequences "There is no total number of mobile phones, has been used for a night" insider broke the news, the so-called mobile phones, that is, exclusive of medical devices for the molars. Live in a small hospital in Hangzhou handpiece, a doctor to see dozens of patients a day is one of those phones. Reporters in the days to go live in the hospital survey also found that patients waiting in line outside the dental situation. Dental handpiece is the most commonly used treatment process for medical devices, which are often in the daily operation and contact with blood, if not sterilized, re-use, easy to produce cross-infection. "Devices come across the blood will wipe you Oh what, like AIDS, one hundred thousandth of a drop of blood can be infectious, very big damage." Insiders said. Harmony hospital in Hangzhou, re-use medical devices is an open secret, the disinfection of hospital equipment that is used to scrub the surface of the blood alcohol. Press repeatedly to Hangzhou harmony hospital survey and found a doctor to a patient in the mill after complete replacement of mobile dental bur head, and then continue to the next patient use, what is more, even not-for-bur . Ministry of Health requested: All medical instruments into the mouth to reach the "one person, one with a disinfection or sterilization" For the use of medical devices do not have the relevant provisions of the State it? It is understood that the Ministry of Health early in 2005 on the introduction into the patient's mouth on the management of medical devices, where the contact with the wound the blood of medical equipment, including dental handpieces, must be sterilized before use, to one person or a sterile sterilization requirements. Replacement mobile phone reporters interviewed the front of the hospital infection Hangzhou Health Office staff, the staff said: "not just replace the phone contacts are not standard for mobile phone, because the blood may back out of the cell phones go, must be one person, one machine, requiring sterilization. " It seems completely contrary to the hospital in Hangzhou live in the Ministry of Health issued the request. Rebate system, hospitals have a unified standard Hangzhou is also useful means of harmony Hospital Lucky Hangzhou is not only out of harmony and reduce the disinfection of hospital cost considerations, re-use medical devices, their brains are still marketing move, any individual or other health care agencies on patients to come to the hospital will give the appropriate rebate. Yituo journalists to name the hospital inquire about rebate amount as the Accord, the hospital is given a detailed list Rebate: uterine fibroid patients per 500 patients per 200 patient cases of family planning, health certificate 10 yuan per person ... ... a small to apply the proof to the related major surgery, have uniform standards within the hospital, rebates projects covering almost all treatment projects. Entered this hospital, I really do not know or see a doctor to find the disease.

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