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Dentists practical skills test counseling: the oral examination equipment
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Oral examination of the basic instruments include mouth mirrors, probes and tweezers. (A) of the mouth mirror There are three main purposes: ① reflect the direct line of sight can not be part of the image. Such as the distal surface of the teeth, tongue and upper surface of the teeth, etc.; ② light can be used to reverse or to check the parts together to increase the local lighting, if necessary, can be used Concave mirror reflects the population were seized parts of image; ③ Push for traction or lip, cheek, tongue and other soft tissue to facilitate the examination or surgery. Metal mouth mirror inspection shank can be used for percussion. (B) probe To check cavities, tooth hypersensitivity areas, blind detection of periodontal pockets and sinus and so on. Can be chosen different forms of the probe, and periodontal pockets and the application of blunt head and sinus scale probe. (C) Tweezers For holding dressings, and dental check-ups to take action than foreign degrees, the handle can also be used as percussion examination. In addition, some assistive devices, such as the digging spoon can be used to remove the carious dentin cavities and other, water cannon to wash, air guns used for drying, dental floss between adjacent teeth to check and clean the food impaction or plaque And so on.

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