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American children dentistry learns a proposal: T
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American children dentistry learns a proposal, look after children to see dentist should be in for the first time bud of the first tooth gives the child between one one full year of life. Because see dentist for the first time, it is the disease that treat a tooth not just, ask what the doctor evaluates the parent to feed even feed means. Later, prevent for as soon as possible and discover dental caries, proposal parent every other 3 months look after children see dentist. Big to 67 months, already the child of teething, paediatrics Professor Zheng Shuguo reminds Beijing University stomatological hospital the parent, want give up midnight to drink the habit of the grandma, this habit brings about decayed tooth very easily. Actually, 6-8 after the month, if the child has good feed habit, can have slept whole evening. Drink a grandma to go against oral cavity health not only in the middle of the night, also go against the child's Morpheus. If likelihood, face the milk also is not drunk as far as possible before sleeping. After going out in bud of the first tooth, be about to begin to be child cleanness tooth, the parent can use a fingertip tooth brush on finger, or the gauze that drugstore buys dips in the tooth that water pesters to wipe the child on forefinger, everyday can. The child is full after a year old, the parent can begin to brush one's teeth for the child with tooth brush, but do not suggest to use toothpaste. After 3 years old, begin to use tooth brush and toothpaste.

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