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The false tooth does not use boiled water bubble
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Washing a false tooth is for cleanness, so, to be disinfected clean, many old people like to use hotter boiled water false tooth bubble one bubble, little imagine, this damages possibly however false tooth, make its are out of shape. The false tooth is multi-purpose the organic colophony material of high polymer is made, this kind of material is in of hot water immerse below, can quicken bate, light shorten the service life of the false tooth, bring about a false tooth to be out of shape again, cannot use normally. In addition, the false tooth also cannot use vinegar, alcohol for long or brine comes bubble. Because these chemical material also are met,cause to the false tooth damage. Ensuring raising a method is: After taking food every time, mix before sleeping, get off the false tooth, wait for cleaner to be washed clean with tool and the toothpaste such as tooth brush, dental floss, toothpick, dentifrice. Cannot use wirehaired tooth brush, lest injure the colophony of false tooth surface. After before sleeping, will false tooth brush is washed clean, should be its bubble in cold water or in solution of saleratus of low pH indicator, alkalescent sodium bicarbonate solution can restrain white of false tooth surface to read aloud coccus gather and breed, reduce oral cavity mucous membrane to have the possibility of stomatitis of beads bacterium sex. Also can use false tooth cleanness piece, match its to immerse into solution in proportion false tooth, normally 5 minutes can, dai Qian rinses the false tooth clean with clear water. ▲

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