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Small achieve treat oral cavity disease without
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"The person is a day with feeding, feed it is with the tooth this " , once the tooth gave illness to be able to cause very much other disease. The commonnest dental caries in oral cavity disease is the mankind's extensive and popular kind of chronic illness, world Health Organization already labelled dental caries one of diseases of 3 keys prevention and cure. Additional, dental pulp disease can produce acuteness ache, let patient be unable to sit down or sleep at ease, also caused wide attention. But the pointed pointed edge tool of the stomatological hospital often lets a person be terrified by the sight of sth or sb, won't walk into a hospital to appeal until the last moment dentist. What department of stomatology of hospital of union of Western medicine of Shenzhen Fu Huazhong introduces is small achieve, removed for the patient without painful system therapeutics trouble back at home. Tooth disease can be treated do not unplug easily   a few days ago, department of stomatology of hospital of union of Western medicine of Shenzhen Fu Huazhong came to collect young lady, unplug with respect to the requirement into the door tooth. Department of stomatology Director Chen Shunqing recieved her. Through understanding, so collect the young lady has serious decayed tooth, treatment of fill a tooth was made in a hospital, had done not have how to long begin the case of occurrence toothache again, was treated for many times repeatedly or had done not have, collect all of body and mind that the young lady is pestered by toothache is exhausted wanted to unplug. Director Chen Shunqing suggests to make an inspection first, cannot repair considers to unplug again. Collect the tooth that the young lady should unplug is returned relatively before leaning, after unplugging, laugh to be able to see gap, special effect is beautiful, and also have harm to health, because each tooth susceptive chews power has certain limit, be short of when individual tooth after breaking, masticatory force is centered on Yu Liuya, exceeded Yu Liuya as a result of masticatory force bear limit, cause Yu Liuya to tine causes scar and produce bone of chamfer of atrophy of oedema of tooth week film, gum, tooth to absorb, the tooth shakes Zhou Jihuan waiting for a tooth. If do not have put in a false tooth for long, the true tooth that may bring about its photograph adjacent is short of tooth space batter to this inclined, shift, the tooth with the corresponding space that be short of a tooth will defy because of notting have force and gradually stretchy, occlusive relation and dental platoon are listed now unbalanced, cause odd tooth to lose normal abut relation, cause food to embed a place of strategic importance, bring about periodontosis likely still to wait. Contemporary and supersonic root is in charge of therapeutics to treat   of the ill kill two birds with one stone that keep a tooth Director Chen Shunqing to pass scrutiny, collect the inflammation of young lady dental caries has formed chronic dental pulp phlogistic, produce a pointed week pathological change, remedial difficulty is greater, inflammation keeps clear of harder, but if pass systematic root,the canal is treated or can cure. Root canal therapeutics is a doctor the canal that use a root treats special apparatus, pass the dental pulp that complete purify affects, and the tooth essence of infection and noxiousness disclose result, through the root the canal is rinsed, disinfection and canal of close ram root, isolation bacterium enters a root to be in charge of reinfection, the happening that prevents a pointed week pathological change thereby or stimulative root pointed week cicatrization illy. The root provides treatment relatively at conventional treatment, the largest dominant position was to withhold have a tooth, can maintain the integrality that natural tooth arranges, and need not will suffer from a tooth to pull out, the happening of the circumstance such as tooth of the shift that can prevent adjacent tooth effectively, eat by moth, periodontosis, it is to withhold incomplete coronal at present, have the first selection method of repair to incomplete root. Director Chen Shunqing says, the likelihood that the tooth wants to still have repair only does not unplug, therapeutics of root canal system can cure not only the tooth is ill, and can withhold incomplete coronal, the stuff with good with consistence reelection can treat recover from an illness. The United States is like water tenderness to treat caries ill   Director Chen Shunqing to point out without painful water laser, collect the young lady's dental caries develops dental pulp pathological change, because fill before,be the tooth that pass splits, material and incomplete coronal are put in small leakage, let a bacterium enter caused inflammation to arise to continue sexual caries is bad. Collect the young lady says: "Because control the process of the tooth too painful, should lie a many hour, make exterior anaesthesia first, get a bit by bit to keep clear of with the tooth next, even ceaseless and clean, stop even hemostatic, I do not hold to, always urge a doctor quickly, what because this causes inflammation,keep clear of possibly is not complete. "   Director Chen Shunqing says, western medicine of Shenzhen Fu Huazhong combines a hospital to a kind of United States does not have technology of laser of painful WaterLaser water now, need not anaesthetic, should lie on tooth chair to make water mist pounds remedial area ceaselessly OK only. Water laser is in relaxed condition clean from beginning to end in the process that treat a tooth, the patient can feel mist having water treats an area in ceaseless concussion, have a kind of very cool feeling, the head of a job that these pound the water fluid inside oral cavity to be gotten on very quickly by water laser equipment is sucked in time. In whole cure process, the patient need not rise almost go gob, reduced the likelihood of a lot of infection thereby, utmost ground assured the health of sanitation and patient, whole cure process wants quarter left and right sides only normally. Wait for cure to excision of ulcer of dental caries, oral cavity, gum the effect is apparent. Small achieve unplug the tooth is not knocked also do not certain     " not only treating a tooth is painless, unplug namely tooth we also are to endeavor to fall injury and ache the smallest. " Director Chen Shunqing says. People unplugs to the tradition the tooth has a kind of natural scared feeling, basically be to unplug the meeting when tooth of tooth appliance knock is brought unwell. Tell from medicine, the scared psychology that the method of this kind of knock meets aggravate patient not only, and return the complication such as fracture of sex of source of likelihood occurrence cure. We know, the tradition unplugs the tooth is used the tooth is held out and delicate eyebrows authentic undertakes adding unoccupied place unplug the operation of the tooth, inevitable use hammer is attacked add unoccupied place shift, and hammer is attacked add unoccupied place it is to cause patient unwell main reason, use tradition tooth is additionally forceful the tooth is to pass use lever force, axle force and wedge force to unplug tooth, basically use lever power. Use lever force is torn off via often can causing gum, the case that tooth chamfer fracture decides happens. Department of stomatology of hospital of union of Western medicine of Shenzhen Fu Huazhong is newest began small achieve unplug tooth technology, the doctor is in in hidebound cut, both neither authentic also is not knocked, can pull out the tooth come. It is to use turbine to mix tooth coronal first normally tooth root is traverse, take tooth hat very easily so, use turbine small character then the tooth root disjunction that remain, it is OK to grind the bone all round root of one part tooth also pull out tooth root come. Small achieve unplug tooth technology operates time weak point, reduced ache, the patient is in imperceptible in finish unplug tooth process, avoided a tradition completely to unplug tooth " bone of the authentic that break off a coronal " and " knock hammer to add unoccupied place " useful the stimulation that unplugs tooth appliance knock is brought, reduced the loss to the tooth greatly, reduced parenchyma to tear off the sequela such as the strut agnail of injury, gum.

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