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What disease does the department of stomatology
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What disease does the department of stomatology treat? A lot of people call the department of stomatology dentistry. So are department of stomatology and dentistry one and the same? Does the department of stomatology treat tooth disease only? The answer is negative. Department of stomatology not just bureau be confined to treats dental disease, its see patients limits includes: The inflammation inside oral cavity, traumatic, tumour, unbalanced, and joint of mandible of salivary gland, Nie, can go see patients of department of stomatology. Some patients walk into a big polyclinic or stomatological hospital, can see the department of stomatology divided a lot of specialized subjects again, feel resembled entering labyrinthian, do not know to should arrive which section office goes seeing a doctor.    Below brief introducing: Oral cavity internal medicine: Advocate periodontosis and disease of disease of the body that treat a tooth, oral cavity mucous membrane. Be like fill a tooth, the tongue is disease of blaze of ulcer of periodontosis, oral cavity, oral cavity, lip, ill the make a diagnosis and give treatment that wait. Oral cavity gets face surgical department: Advocate disease of the traumatic, tumour with the facial jaw that treat cavity, nerve suffers from, disease of chamfer of inflammation, tooth. If unplug the excision of tooth, traumatic suture, trigeminal painful, parotid tumour. Division of oral cavity rehabilitate: Advocate treat put in a false tooth, jaw facial bone is short of caustic rehabilitate, cultivate false tooth to wait. Oral cavity abnormal division: Advocate treat jaw facial tooth jaw is unbalanced, if the tooth is arranged not neat, " the ground includes a day " , position of fluctuation jaw bone is unusual etc.

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