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Be careful! Too much drinkable bishop corrodes a
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Australia tooth association Dasimaniya branch chairman Luodeni Jilan (Rodney Geelan) says, place is very much love vinous person, do not know the harm that bishop causes to human tooth. Ji Lan says: "The many popularity year ago contains sugar bubbly drink, the zoom of case of illness that teenage tooth is corroded, vinous be current browbeats likewise nowadays the health of human tooth. " " enjoy, sample the body that bishop is Australian life vivid means, but the glair layer that the acidity with taller bishop can destroy dental surface. "   Doctor Ji Lan expresses, drink bit of bishop to won't be caused to the tooth a little when repast damage, drink it is profitless to cross many, "Drinkable, masticatory any acidity material (include to contain candy beverage) later do not brush his teeth instantly, meet only so erasure tooth surface more glair layers, had better use clear water gargle. Food distributes with cheese when still a kind of method drinks wine namely, can protect a tooth. " complement of   Doctor Ji Lan says, because beer contains fluorine, lesser to dental harm. In addition, a research that has by GlaxoSmithKline discovers, PH value is opposite under any food of 5.5 or drink the tooth is harmful, vinous PH is worth interpose between 3.0-3.8, red wine of prep above of white wine acidity. (the exercitation edits: Zhou Lizhen)

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