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Is child door slit between the teeth wide how co
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Children is in what period of grow permanent teeth grows newly in the middle of front tooth gap is too wide, cause food easily to embed a place of strategic importance not only, cause gum agnail, dental caries to wait, return the appearance that can affect the child, absolutely cannot small inspect. Door slit between the teeth is wide will tell commonly have the following kinds of reasons and the way to deal with a situation:

1. Give birth to tooth do mischief more. Below normal circumstance, the constant tooth of everybody is commonly 28 reach 32. But some children are in on the labial side of front tooth, medium how long does occasional palate side often go out to come two deformation tooth, affect normal constant tooth badly grow arrange, bring about on front tooth clearance is added wide. Proposal parent looks after children in time to see a doctor to the stomatological hospital, pull out as early as possible much more unripe tooth.

2. Ambuscade because of shift tooth between Yumenyagen, cause thereby on front tooth gap is too wide. This kind of circumstance needs to check jaw via X line there is as good as in bone constant phenomenon, the tumour that be like a tooth, ambuscade shift tooth or much more unripe tooth, seasonable operation is treated. Do not use rubber band by oneself front tooth to among pull forcedly, exert oneself to do sth. bad meeting causes dental loss, become loose even fall off.

3. The cause of labial chalaza. Labial chalaza has adhered to low, it is to cause in the middle of the common cause with front tooth too wide gap. Labial chalaza comparatives in embryonic period bulky, the meeting after the baby is born gradually hasten shrinks back, if do not shrink back and had adhered to between gum door low, can cause on gap is too wide between front tooth. Ask a doctor in time to adhere to labial chalaza below local anaesthesia place incision, two in the middle of front tooth can draw close gradually in the middle of tendercy oneself.

4. Lacteal front tooth falls off much, constant front tooth grows little. Some children fall off after 4 breast front tooth, grow two constant front tooth only, this makes very easily two in the middle of aperture appears between front tooth. Belong to this kind of circumstance to not need concern, grow gradually when side door tooth hind, two in the middle of the long axis direction of front tooth can be changed subsequently, stand by each other, the aperture between two teeth can disappear naturally gradually.

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