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Deciduous teeth is dropped early, also must go t
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Child of 56 years old is worth period of grow permanent teeth, often be grin laughs, can see little 9 teeth. Most parents objects to this, however, capital medical university is accessary Beijing stomatological hospital advocate treat doctor Cheng Zheng to express, if parents is not seasonable those who let child deciduous teeth is vacant get stuff, meet those who affect constant tooth grow. Dr Cheng says, the position that the tooth holds correct in tooth bend is the result of interaction of many sided force. Once overbalance, with respect to the change that can create dental position. When child deciduous teeth is pulled out prematurely or falling off, adjacent tooth can tilt to the clearance that be short of a tooth shift, cause constant tooth bud to go out occlusive and difficult, disorder. Occasionally, be short of a tooth to still can create obstacle of children speech function, reach oral cavity undesirable habit. So, how be treated? Dr Cheng suggests, had better look after children to install a clearance to maintain to the hospital implement, will maintain be short of the normal clearance that loses dental seat, the bud of the tooth that it is constant gives creation condition, prevent occlusive and disorder happening. What lose deciduous teeth seat according to be short of is different, the clearance that should choose to differ maintains implement. Far in guide plate maintains implement suit grind one's teeth of the 2nd breast to be broken early; Filar circle maintains implement apply to the first breast grind one's teeth is broken early or grind one's teeth of the first constant already bud goes out, grind one's teeth of the 2nd breast is broken early; Functional sex activity maintains implement agree with local false tooth, it can maintain not only be short of the clearance that breaks a tooth, still can keep perpendicular height and restore masticatory function, change face external form of the little patient, especially anterior teeth is short of break the labrum that cause to cave. Generally speaking, the tooth is cut to be broken early in breast of the upper jaw, do not need to maintain with clearance implement. Because jaw bone is in development process,this is, the growth of tooth chamfer bone of anterior teeth area is remarkable, the bud that can accommodate constant to cut a tooth goes out, if breast cuts a tooth,break early so, be short of unoccupied place decrease not easily or shut. Additional, wear clearance to maintain implement hind, should notice oral cavity is wholesome more, the gargle after the meal, careful cleanness wants when morning and evening brushs his teeth this place, in the meantime, check even according to doctor's advice regularly debug, in order to coordinate buccal development.

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