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Be short of a tooth should set which kinds of fa
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People often says the tooth is healthy portal. But the life is medium very much person because such or in that way reason is short of broke a tooth, not only affect masticatory function, and the influence is beautiful. Seasonable rehabilitate, namely the put in a false tooth that common people often says is very be necessary.

  Mobile false tooth: Convenient but the effect not beautiful

Mobile false tooth is to use the odd and natural tooth inside oral cavity to regard as base tooth, pledge through all sorts of material base hold in the palm turn the false tooth into a whole, the snap ring that reoccupy is similar to action of link up with one kind secures the false tooth in base on the tooth, in order to restore masticatory function. Its advantage is an operation handier, the price is relatively low, less indulge in idle talk; Applied limits is opposite wider, more or less can the amount that be short of a tooth use method of this kind of put in a false tooth, when although age in other Yu Liuya,the condition is differred slightly also but appeasement is used; At the same time it can get off clean, be helpful for oral cavity sanitation.
The defect of mobile false tooth is the eyewinker when Daiyong feels strong and the influence articulates. It is means of a few kinds of rehabilitate in one comfortable least of all kind, need suits for a long time; Originally an effect is opposite poorer, what masticatory function restores is very not ideal; Beautiful performance is average.

   Secure a false tooth: Comfortable but want cut health tooth

Fixed false tooth namely the tooth of the porcelain that bake that common people often says, it uses adjacent of look of the gap that be short of a tooth the good tooth of two side secures the false tooth. This kind of method needs first two end base tooth abrasion one part, make include to be short of the integral false tooth that breaks a false tooth inside to secure the natural tooth in two side to go up next. Its advantage is bulk small, comfortable, do not have an eyewinker to feel, load oral cavity hind to be used to easily. Because the false tooth is secured,be inside oral cavity, chew the function is close friends than mobile false tooth. Fixed false tooth uses the data with the beautiful first-rate function such as the porcelain that bake commonly, can accomplish very as adjacent as natural tooth, aesthetic effect is far good at mobile false tooth.

The defect of fixed false tooth is to apply limits to have some of limit, apply to the amount that be short of a tooth only little, the space that be short of a tooth is little, two end base the case with tooth good condition. When the biggest drawback depends on preparation, it wants natural to two side tooth to undertake a large number of grinding.
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