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The child sees the experience when the tooth and
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Someone says: "On this world most bloodcurdling thing, fill a tooth of nothing is more... than; Than fill a tooth more bloodcurdling thing, nothing is more... than looks after children fill a tooth; Than looking after children fill a tooth more bloodcurdling thing, child of nothing is more... than should use a lot of teeth! "   sees a tooth to children, afflictive is the parent. Because the child is good,move be afraid of again ache, impossible conscientiously sits on the chair to stretch the mouth to cooperate a doctor, especially just 3 years old of two less even little babies. Then the common practice of the hospital, bind the child namely in " small plywood " on forcibly make a diagnosis and give treatment. Do undoubted meeting to leave psychological shadow to the child so, look after children further consultation with a doctor became the parent's greatest psychology burden. But if be not done so, the complete hemp that accepts foreign popularity is treated, parents worry about the intelligence that can affect the child again. It is the choice of a be in a dilemma really! The parent experiences one: Area of Beijing abundant stage Ms. Zhang: The child 6 years old, the tooth grew a black hole. The doctor gives went up medicine, saying is ability is formal after change 45 times medicine fill a tooth. Look after children after a week go further consultation with a doctor, anyway does not let a doctor use a tooth, went to a hospital twice was not being changed repeatedly officinal. Doctor sense character: Children does not deserve to close in cure, cry be troubled by escape cure even, create the pressure on spirit of both sides of doctors and patients not only, and make medical personnel cannot be operated normally, accentuated the aggravation of disease of small patient oral cavity. Can cure originally need a flower to go up many times however, the result is done patient and family member body and mind are tired outly. The parent experiences 2: Area of Beijing rising sun Ms. Yang: Hole of 6 teeth hole filled when my son is two years old, press doctor view every time, it is " go up small plywood " , bind go up in a little bat, your Excellency next press a head, the doctor is gone to a thing fills in to be maintained in his mouth. Indeed painful, but without method. I do not think child complete hemp, the tooth has to look again. Doctor sense character: Child nature is moved more, adverse to make a diagnosis and give treatment really. The child is bound to rise, short-term examination and cure are OK, if be the operation of 9 hours very difficult. The child cries on the chair be troubled by, look at the child can helplessly only as the mother, it is to parents and doctor one kind suffers. Reporter investigation: To complete hemp of children oral cavity, nearly 9 become parents do not understand. The step that they take is to the child award, patience explains, be no good adopt bind, 9 years of children such as parent choice can bear the part to be treated again. If have complete hemp, in affirm it is dangerous to do not have, below the premise with not big side effect, parent of half the number is willing to try. Additionally half parent or heart put doubt, concern affects child intelligence. Expert detailed solves: Laughing gas complete hemp is comfortable at uncooperative children   to complete hemp, what the parent worries most is: How does anaesthesia give an accident to do? Is anaesthesia influential to intellective development of the child? Still the parent puts forward, complete hemp is done not have at all necessary. Dot is afraid of see a tooth, also be afraid of give or take an injection, also be afraid of take medicine, but can fall ill, should every time make drug? We also are to be afraid of see a tooth, does the psychology after be brought up have a problem? For this, ge Jiao awards citing to say, had a fever the person should take antiphlogistic drug, this also can produce an effect to the person, but people already not quite cared about, because the impact is already little,arrive can dissolve. The method that binds cure compulsively basically is centered in the Asian country such as Japan, China, Korea at present, but be in the United States, Europe, this won'ts do. Ge Jiao awards the introduction, consider human rights and psychology are affected, the United States does not allow to bind pair of little patient undergo surgery now, use however " laughing gas " undertake complete hemp, especially low age children is 3 years old of little patients that do not cooperate below with 12 years old below.

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