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"Doctor, do you see my child can be this tooth still treated? She is so small still, the tooth is become with respect to eat by moth such, how should do later? " yesterday one big early, the province has the daughter that is taking his to young father and mother to come from Wen Ling on a special trip at the door internal medicine of stomatological hospital oral cavity, want to ask an expert to treat a when manage her daughter sodden tooth. Internal medicine of oral cavity of   of tooth of eat by moth of glibly of discipline of small off year Director Chen Hui lets a girl open the mouth, want to be less than discipline of small off year, had been tooth of glibly eat by moth however. The child's parents says them all the year round outside deal, the child is put over grandfather grandma, age of a respectful form of address for an old person became old also not quite attention. Before the child paragraph time is calling a tooth to ache, they are not smoked really give time to accompany her to look, the hospital that is in place looked, the doctor says to did not have a law to fill to want to unplug, their this ability feels late. Put down the business to come here on a special trip now, want to ask an expert to look, they do not think the child is so small really do not have a tooth. Chen Hui made an inspection in detail to the girl. Girl this year 7 years old, changed 4 teeth, the caries that already 67 teeth have different rate is bad, the most serious is a front tooth below, namely the 6 age teeth that our common weighs, with respect to remnant an incomplete coronal. Dig with bougie blood stream comes out, polyp can see inside, patted a tooth piece late had been destroyed by the marrow that shows this tooth, shadowiness of root pointed area. "It is good that you come earlier. Deciduous teeth is bad become such returning to be able to be changed, this front tooth has been changed still rot such. " Chen Hui is excised with electric hilt polyp, it is good that tooth root rinses clean fill with alexipharmic water, had filled destructive pith base again, kept this tooth at long last. Just want to restore the configuration of this tooth and function, can wait for the child to be brought up only pile does tooth of the porcelain that bake. Tooth of eat by moth wants as soon as possible to discover as soon as possible treats   common saying to say, "Toothache is not ill, ache rise to drive sb. to his death really " . Toothache is caused by tooth of eat by moth mostly, how to ability breakfast discovers and treat, avoid to make it more and more serious? Chen Hui says, the bacterium that tooth of eat by moth is dental surface resolves the candy branch in food, produce acidity material, corrode dental result. It can develop gradually, the aching symptom that develops later period from initial sensitive symptom, final meeting encroachs dental pulp, the dental pulp that brings about acuteness ache is phlogistic, develop pointed area of tooth root root even, form ache more acuteness root needle is phlogistic. In the begining what allergy shape points to is to take sick at heart sweet or when the food of super-cooling overheat, the tooth produces the feeling of ache, this moment has been tooth of metaphase eat by moth. Tooth of more inchoate eat by moth is located in inside the enamel of dental surface, the patient does not have apparent symptom commonly. Nevertheless, what produce position according to tooth of eat by moth is different, if observe carefully, also can discover a few clues. If tooth of eat by moth happens in the channel nest part of dental surface, expression blackens for relevant section colour and lustre, lower part of ad cool-headed division is melanin blaze, with examine of fine needle explore from time to tome coarse feeling; If happen in the tooth the surface of adjacent of each other photograph, average performance is white stain or cinnamon stain, when using face of adjacent of dental floss cleanness, dental floss Yi She is broken. Symptom of tooth of eat by moth is heavier, treatment is more sophisticated, cost is higher. Accordingly, had tooth of eat by moth best breakfast discovery, breakfast is treated, such not only painful small, fare is low, effect it may not be a bad idea. Besides accepting dentistry to check regularly, brush his teeth at ordinary times should careful, the society uses face of adjacent of tooth of dental floss cleanness, once have unwell symptom, discover very in time. The child is small still not sensible, the parent should pay close attention to oral cavity health of the child more, make child nurturance diligent brush one's teeth, the good habit that has sugar less. The health that a good tooth also will come for the child lays next foundations.

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