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Invisible Jiao Zhirang you become more beautiful
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Invisible Jiao Zhiqi is one kind is based on three-dimensional diagnostic software and laser to become form technology quickly, use transparent and medical the Jiaozhi instrument that high polymer material makes, it is a brand-new oral cavity abnormal correct researchs a technology. Relative to traditional metal Gong Sijiao studies a method, outstanding advantage is had in the respect such as beautiful, comfortable, sanitation. Its unique part is not only " invisible " Jiao Zhi process, the save labour when can be being saved more, of the oldest rate reduce Jiao Zhi anguish and side effect, the person that let use obtains healthy and orderly tooth and self-confident and bright smile easily. Invisible   of technology, scientific Jiao Zhi is invisible Jiao Zhiqi is made by the data of transparent and stretch high polymer that obtains FDA attestation, ply is not worth 1mm, need not ask the other such as groove, steel wire any metallic accessories, be not close distance to be aware of hard. Its are transparent, OK pick the characteristic that wear by oneself, make your Jiao Zhi process does not know for other place, abrupt " beautiful " rises. Individual character design, exalted enjoy   high-tech alone three-dimensional diagnostic software and laser shape quickly the technology measures a body for you custom-built series is invisible Jiao Zhiqi, do not have repeated usage absolutely, exclusive individual, enjoy completely alone. Still can demonstrate complete correct to control a process for you beforehand, make you intuitionistic understand the change process of own tooth, can preview final straighten out to study the effect. Comfortable and wholesome,   of advantage of diagnosis and treatment is invisible Jiao Zhiqi wears consumed Hua Shu is comfortable, without apparent eyewinker feeling and mucous membrane stimulation, can pick by oneself, oral cavity sanitation is safeguarded extremely easily, avoided tooth gingivitis, tooth to take off mine and become angry the happening that waits for complication of common Jiao Zhi. Can reduce frequency seeing a doctor and time of make a diagnosis and give treatment significantly, ling Jiaozhi is finished easily.
Qingdao city stomatological hospital abnormal division is introduced invisible Jiao Zhi technology, contented people is right when correctional tooth beautiful, comfortable, convenient, healthy demand, believe sure it is the good choice with your perfect pursuit. Invisible Jiao Zhirang you are correctional the tooth becomes relaxed, give you smile of "24" hour self-confidence. Outpatient department of road of Qingdao city stomatological hospital Ningxia held water 2001, own 7 advanced comprehensive treatment stations, the business such as Jiao Zhi of cure of disease of dental pulp of body of the rehabilitate that develops mobile false tooth and fixed false tooth, tooth, tooth, carry out seek advice freely, phone pay a return visit civilian measure. A few days ago, ningxia road outpatient department by Ningxia road 147 change come Ningxia road 127 - 15, door head is located in road of new short for the Yihe River (border the company that bring profit and green herd edifice) . Qingdao city stomatological hospital address: Dragon hill road an armour, take car course: Multiply 1, 225, 221 get off to the road that watch an elephant; 220, 214, 228, 217, 367 wait to add a courtyard to get off in young doctor.
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