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Explanation why Asian get periodontosis easily
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Asian periodontosis compares Euramerican person generally serious, people often thinks dental cleanness habit causes this. But according to Singapore " associated morning paper " reported recently, taiwan researcher discovers, this likelihood and Asian dental structure are concerned. The doctor of tooth week family of Taiwan army total hospital from begin to have observation to 197 patients 3 years ago, discovery has 7 to become patient chin the biggest molar how long root of a tooth. Subsequently, researcher had a large number of investigation again, discovery exists generally also in the country such as southeast Asia this kind of state, there is a person to appear in every 5 people this kind of state. Researcher analysis, the Oriental face beautiful woman that compare Europe is young, alveolar bone is relatively small, many tooth root can make a tooth wider, wide tooth deserves to go up narrow alveolar bone, the tooth can be arranged very crowdedly, such gum can be maintained very thinly, suffer from periodontosis when disease or brush his teeth when Shi Li is undeserved, gum and tooth week are destroyed easily and atrophic, the circumstance of periodontosis also can be compared serious. The chief teach the blade of a sword of this one research expresses, although many teeth root can affect oral cavity health, but can remove this kind of effect completely through effective method, people wants time and clean oral cavity everyday, often do not eat super-cooling or cross the exciting caustic food such as acid

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