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Before neck tumour patient puts cure, check firs
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The patient that has above neck tumor often should accept radiative treatment, before putting cure, need what to preparation make? The expert of large accessary stomatological hospital reminds in, comprehensive oral cavity inspection is made before putting cure, the disease that is in oral cavity memory suffers from seasonable processing crucial.
After putting cure should not be inside 3 years unplug tooth
University of vice-chairman of society of cure of China oral cavity, Zhongshan is accessary stomatological hospital rich guides Huang Hongzhang teachs the introduction, putting cure is to show one of 3 old groovy methods that malignant tumor treats stage, at the same time it also is a kind of follow-up cure after malignant tumor operation is treated method. "Putting cure at present is to be used at one of remedial methods with neck ministry commonly used tumour, radiation is in kill tumor cell while also can harm normal constituent cell, for instance salivary gland. " Huang Hongzhang says, a lot of patients are in finish after putting cure, feel the saliva inside buccal doing, oral cavity is secreted decrease, arise without saliva even. This kind of circumstance makes former oral cavity disease suffers from accentuation extremely easily.
"On the other hand, during putting cure, mix the end that put cure inside 3 years, we do not suggest the patient unplugs commonly tooth, unless be as a last resort circumstance. " Huang Hongzhang tells a reporter, after putting cure unplug inside 3 years the word of the tooth, cut grows very easily bad, bigger risk is to bring about cut to affect. Once cut is affected cause osteomyelitis of radioactivity jaw bone possibly, cause jaw framework necrotic. Necrotic meeting causes jaw framework the character all round patient tooth appears, oral cavity ache and oral cavity have a stink to wait, "It is more difficult that cure rises " .
Tooth of the Xian Jie before putting cure treats a tooth again
The oral cavity examination before putting cure has two move, it is clean oral cavity above all, "A lot of patients, especially the situation of oral cavity sanitation of patient of oral cavity cancer is very bad, this does a complete clean processing with respect to doctor of need oral cavity. " it is to pull out next coronal of the incomplete root inside patient oral cavity, incomplete. "These are to prevent infection, put the patient of oral cavity cancer of cure to wanting to do especially, this is must. " Huang Hongzhang points out, if the metallic false tooth inside incorrect oral cavity undertakes handling, ray can be stopped when putting cure, the influence puts curative effect fruit.

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