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College of medicine of big oral cavity of Guangx
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College of medicine of oral cavity of Guangxi medical university, stomatological hospital is located in below the comely hill with Nanning city picturesque scenery, beautiful south of the lake bank, do not see its cover an area of an area small, but environment of here distinctive green medical treatment, the consulting room of guesthouse type, the service of astral level type, reflect " human nature to change " everywhere, make every arrive this comer, can't help can gasping in admiration secretly: Guangxi has so beautiful hospital unexpectedly! It is hospital of a " beautiful precious " really!

Change idea aggrandizement serves

After college of medicine of oral cavity of visiting Guangxi medical university, accessary stomatological hospital, the reporter still is in the aftertaste hangs picture, warmth elegantly on the court construction, capacious outpatient service is the hall, comfortable waiting room like its garden and wall subdued color, light graceful when slow music, it is lofty, mature to saw a figure Zhou Nuo teachs the adviser of doctoral graduate student that the dean with dovish, elegant demeanour, Ceng Liumei returns.

"Garden type is built, of characteristic decorate, the consulting room of guesthouse type, gigantic endowment devoted advanced equipment, the service of astral level type, all these that hospital place does, the purpose has only, that is with the person namely this, it is a center with the patient, serve with masterly technology at broad patient. "Decorating very simply, to it before see differ very far in a little moss-grown even deanery, dean Zhou says.

In the cure in environment of this distinctive green medical treatment, of the hospital collect fees can you rise? Dean Zhou says: "We did not rise because of this collect fees. Our hospital can develop today the supportive be closely bound up of dimensions and society, regard redound as the society so, our high cost investment is for our patient, they are parents of our back and belly. They are parents of our back and belly..

All the time since, hospital the eye with long-term development, change idea, aggrandizement serves consciousness, firm from beginning to end establish " to be with the person this, it is the service concept of central " with the patient, improvement serves technological process. For convenient patient go to a doctor, the hospital is executed double cease duty of as usual of day, holiday. To solve outpatient service " the 3 problems that grow one short " , according to outpatient service function of each section office, equitable distribution, add a service window, collect fees dot, guide cure nurse, shorten the patient meets cost and time of wait to see a doctor. Improve work efficiency, shorten fish of check of each outpatient service has report time. The consultation inside the courtyard and turn division carry out an examine doctor person specially assigned for a task to be in charge of, accomplish seasonable, quick. Card of the note after printing health of each section office to publicize flow of guideline of manual, go to a doctor, go to a doctor, cure, sweet clew provide sweet, attentive service for the patient. Implement provision of derate of charge of medical treatment of difficult and special crowd.
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