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Do you know the think of a way of dentist
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See dentist, we why scared? Because,be of course painful! Star first time of 4 years old sits when the dentistry couch of Hong Kong clinic, cry loudly is crying to bite the finger that cut a doctor greatly. Hong Kong clinic is long-term expert of engage by special arrangement, beijing stomatological hospital is special doctor of examine division king tells us: "Be afraid that the child that sees a tooth is very much, although unlike star is serious in that way, but can cry mostly be troubled by, do not agree ask for a favor. The hospital is being persuaded when disabling, can use to the child afore-mentioned ' force cure ' . Because fear feels, somebody is returned till manhood evasive all the time go to a hospital seeing a tooth, if a tooth gave birth to caries hole, would rather hold the post of its to rot. "   does not pass, to the fear of dentistry, the doctor of Hong Kong clinic is have an idea very much -- star this year already 10 years old, will 6 years have dental health care in Hong Kong clinic all the time. We why scared? Because,be of course painful! Doctor Wang says: "Keenly feel comes from two respects: It is our psychology, the 2 bodies that are us. "   if the sentiment is very intense, lie in body of couch the upper part of the body to resemble the bend of piece of take up, keenly feel is met intense all the more -- this kind of circumstance, the doctor of Hong Kong clinic gives time generously, accompany the child to play a little while, paint piece of picture, let him pick toy of a cartoon, explain: "Good word, can take away it after a while. " the child begins to be close to with the doctor, can cooperate doctor cure. And adult is in very easily also of the doctor kind, kind nervous and inflexible feeling melts sadly in explaining with patience. As to ill tooth is met really painful, the doctor is very easy judgement: Tooth from outside arrive in, cent is enamel, essence and dental pulp antrum, if be a shallow caries hole only, won't painful; if dental pulp is necrotic already, also do not feel piece painful. When caries when the hole is deeper, cure can appear aching. So, tooth disease resembles other a lot of disease are same, treat earlier, easier and relaxed cure. Be in abroad, the program; that drug is being made when treating a tooth is convention and in Hong Kong clinic, want a doctor to reckon the likelihood has keenly feel only, can seek patient opinion: "With need not anaesthetic? " the anaesthetic pinhead that   orders technically from Hong Kong -- because fine if send silk, small; of imponderability of the keenly feel when penetrate into plus before brush a bit anaesthetic, surface of oral cavity mucous membrane falls in narcotism, when detritus of broach abrasion tooth is being used without any sensory; almost when receiving an injection, doctor won't because of the patient that await much, to save time, disregard the patient's feeling and keep grind one's teeth. Once patient signal is aching, the doctor can stop immediately. Anaesthesia hind treats a tooth to be able to make aching feeling disappears completely. If indolence, is seeing a tooth another kind felt completely? The sound of broach no longer acuteness is gotten cannot enduring, and we will find comfortable sense on couch. 100% reliance, 100% set one's mind at   is in Hong Kong clinic department of stomatology, normally for, want to a client comes to here only, the doctor can make a comprehensive inspection first -- and unlike a lot of busy hospitals, where aches where to treat, make next give a comprehensive plan: Wash a tooth, treat a tooth, unplug tooth, put in a false tooth, cure of abnormal, precaution is waited a moment. This lets a person feel set one's mind at: "Give the doctor went, she is in, be no problem for certain. "   is advanced rife " AIDS of infection seeing a tooth " in, we are unavoidable to clinic of each size dentistry bellyful doubt, and here, however can 100% generation reliance: Doctor the face before the patient, ravel one-time cure dish, one-time glove, one-time auger needle, one-time suck saliva implement etc, and repeat use thing to all need, include towel, value hundreds yuan broach, also strict sterilization disinfects a program: After a patient is used, rinse immediately, hold alexipharmic bag, the special mark on alexipharmic bag passes the meeting after high temperature high pressure to become angry, such ability ravel before the face of next patient. Everything undertakes so that set one's mind at, easy, reliance making a person.

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