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What preparation work should do before treat too
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Common saying says well, "Do not hit battle off hand " . Do everything to prepare somewhat beforehand. Disease seeing a tooth is not exceptional also, need to do works of following a few preparation commonly. Want to eat breakfast: Before see a doctor, besides become privileged check, outside needing hollow exsanguinate, should eat breakfast to head for commonly. Some people because toothache, breakfast does not eat after getting up, with respect to haste crowded communal car hurries to a hospital. Just sat dentistry chair, see the dentist takes dentistry weapon, produce nervous psychology, as a result occurrence head risks some patients abnormal sweating due to general debility, finger is icy, have delirious hypoglycemia symptom even. This basically is one hunger, 2 tired, 3 fear what to cause. Before disease seeing a tooth first oneself brush brush one's teeth: After eating a meal, the food that bringing glibly is residual go treating tooth disease. Have two drawback so: ① checks a tooth when dentist when, the food that should cost time purify to pile up to go up in the tooth first is residual, ability treats the condition of clear tooth; ② says commonly, tooth doctor sees oral cavity compares clean person, always be a few more comfortable in the heart, convenient also make better examination and treatment. Should remind those love eats unripe garlic to wait particularly, have the person of special odour food, before disease seeing a tooth, scarcely should eat this kind of food, lest cause the doctor's unpleasantness. Dress wants appropriate: When disease seeing a tooth, we do not ask to resemble certain and fundamental situation already in that way, wearing rare dress, but also cannot too informal, wear a singlet vest. Ask commonly however, dress is appropriate, neat and easy. Although be when cure, can surround on pectoral towel, but in gargle, rinse, when spitting saliva, in case not careful and flyblown rare dress, unpleasantness always is in the heart. Notable is, some ladies are too exquisite wear heavy make-up, also be the reception that does not get tooth doctor. Prepare data of medical history illness: When seeing a doctor, the doctor always should enquire your medical history and illness, combine all sorts of examinations, so that make correct diagnosis, give equal treatment. Medical history is your go to the bad already had how long; The illness is you have what symptom, sick perhaps condition. It is with toothache now the exemple is general should say a few such problems clear: Which place be painful? Be spontaneity painful excitant still painful? Be durative painful clonic still painful? Be slight secret anguish or acuteness ache? Did toothache already have how long to wait? When recounting medical history, the requirement query according to the doctor, not exaggerated, not contractible, answer a question well and truly?

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