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Still can have 20 constant tooth to do health of
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Zhejiang is online on September 16 dispatch September 20 is the whole nation " day love a tooth " , the theme this year is " oral cavity of the old people in attention is healthy " . At present the rate of dental caries sicken of the children before our country school age and pupil already appeared downtrend, however in rate of sicken of old people dental caries is rising, the decayed tooth that has 97% above did not receive seasonable treatment.    The world defends constituent target: 8020 Very old, it is the describes old people statement of Chinese tradition. The 3rd times epidemiology findings shows health of countrywide oral cavity, rate of sicken of dental caries of the old people in our country is as high as respectively 88.1% with 98.4% , rate of tooth week health is respectively 14.5% with 14.1% . In 65-74 year old in many 30 thousand urban and rural dweller, become much person glibly tooth one not remnant, only the constant tooth that 5 become people have 20 above. Health care of Hangzhou city oral cavity leads Chen Fengzhen of doctor of expert of group expert group, chairman to point out, actually, want to do health care of good oral cavity only, healthy tooth can accompany the person's lifetime completely. World Health Organization puts forward " 8020 " it is the target with operation very strong sex, save 20 to be able to chew normally at least to 80 years old namely, the functional tooth that makes sure physiology needs, provide for oneself in order to maintain the independent life of old people ability, improve the life quality of old people.    Protective tooth relies on this a few action How does ability prevent old people to drop a tooth, when did Chen Fengzhen give out precaution and control measure. Every meal hind is best can brush his teeth, use vertical stroke to brush a law, time is in 3 minutes of above, chew mellow chewing gum of a few xylose also is the more convenient method that protect tine at ordinary times. Old people is best every 6 months undertake periodic oral cavity is checked, set a pair of appropriate false tooth to be able to reduce the masticatory burden of more than tooth. Drop the issue of the tooth in the light of old people, when did Chen Fengzhen give out to suggest: Use appropriate toothpaste, if be aimed at the auxiliary cure such as gingivitis of gum haemorrhage, tooth, periodontosis and mucous membrane disease, lv of take an examination is chosen contain the medicaments toothpaste that fights bacterium, diminish inflammation and convergent action. If because the tooth wears away, tooth neck is exposed etc produce dental allergy, can consider to choose contain acetanilide reach reduce a tooth to organize osmotic toothpaste, be like desensitization, acid resistant toothpaste. If be opposite,some kind of toothpaste produces Sao in action process canker of urticant, mucous membrane, sore throat even intestines and stomach is unwell when waiting for allergic phenomenon, with respect to disuse.   
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