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The mystery of Camry buccal rise to power and po
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Value of administrative success core is in domain of finance and economics, allude what Camry majority person thinks of still is its success financing. But, no matter be of Camry,do poineering work period, financing period still is dilate period, the depends on Camry at all core that these value catenary exist manages hold together. After obtaining wind to invest, camry entered a fast dilate period. Had developed at present become the medical treatment of civilian battalion oral cavity with domestic the largest scale to interlink an orgnaization. The clinic amount of Camry had exceeded 100 now, and the amount of set up shop last year exceeded 50, these data are in the growth of twice, meanwhile Camry also is in the test that facing huge administrative field. "The biggest risk does not know what is a risk namely. " Liu Jia very believe in this word. To chain company is told, most the element of core is management, management is join the core element of whole industry, to Camry, the biggest risk remains administrative risk. About Camry, a thing ever caused our huge to notice. When the capital coming at the beginning of Camry in those days, its the first clinic opens the restful highway that was in Beijing. Interesting is this store opened several months, remain door law court desolate car horse is rare. The high level that allegedly the optional location of that inn relies on Camry namely people pat those who pat a head to decide to come down, be the administrative issue that this one incident lets Liu Jia begin to take Camry seriously. Liu Jia introduces, the interior of Camry had built effective administrative organization now, each organizations all made plan of corresponding working system, duty, assessment wait. Management of quality of Camry oral cavity is in charge of by ministry of medical affairs of Camry oral cavity completely, be in charge of each outpatient service management of quality of daily medical treatment, undertake to medical treatment quality effective canal accuses whole journey. Camry oral cavity undertakes medical treatment every months quality is checked greatly and hold analysis of medical treatment quality to meet by the system, the examination analyses the problem of existence, made " ill case administers a regulation " , " medical treatment dispute, trouble removal sets " etc, strengthened quality of medical treatment innovation and quality management to offer policy to assure for Camry oral cavity. Liu Jia thinks, the development speed of the enterprise is linked together cheek by jowl with ability of government of level of management. Camry oral cavity is carrying out a kind to enforce model management. In interview, liu Jia tells a reporter, camry wants dedicated the research at technology of oral cavity medical treatment, the national distribution of development of the management of business, management, market and business, need relevant professional personage to operate. To improve Camry buccal management in the round, liu Jia ever hired the Hua Yongdao that ask general to do comprehensive audit to the company. And, still invite Bimawei to become financial adviser, place a hope at strengthening the standardization of finance affairs of Camry oral cavity and management further. In the meantime, camry still uses ERP management system, they need to carry the administrative kind of this kind of informatization, understand the working situation of only store doctor well and truly, right everyday synchronism of the charge of every doctor, income masters. Current, camry oral cavity has had lifelong member 20 much people, built information warehouse to member archives, but this still is in " static state " information library had be notted use to rise truly. Liu Jia hopes to be able to investing square help fall, according to standard chain industry pattern builds an one news that covers his to run a system. In business level of management, camry also is considerate. For instance, to ensure safety, camry still is cast to each tooth of the client protect, acceptance happening postaccident is a client to be replaced freely; And, remedial program is more more flexible than traditional hospital, for instance fill a tooth needs a patient to go there and back 3 times no longer however one-time reach the designated position; Oral cavity has strawberry flavour, sweetgrass flavour to wait unexpectedly with medicine different " taste " choice; Even Camry still initiated sexual ground to roll out in home " it is OK to see a doctor instalment " mode seeing a doctor, try to let a patient adopt cheap, quick settle accounts new way, the oral cavity medical treatment that enjoys foremost edge as soon as possible serves. Think enterprise of oral cavity of duplicate Camry buccal is absent at present a few, also a few people obtain wind to invest Jin Qing to look at like Camry in seek. But, consider poineering means, outspread means OK and duplicate, but the soul that what you cannot duplicate is an enterprise. Will tell to interlinking an enterprise, the soul of core depends on managing. of conversational Liu beautiful " Asian fortune forum " : You ever said oral cavity industry is an industry that is duplicated easily, whether do you fear other competitor exceeds Camry then? Liu Jia: Have impossibly. Nevering mention it is others, if,be me now the word of redo, do another I do oral cavity not to rise. I do not believe China includes a foreign country to still have what know oral cavity government so like me, had done ten years because of me, we also had tried to make another brand, we fight jointly, but practice proof is again duplicate without method, we made a brand. " Asian fortune forum " : Why does that resemble always health, Ao Shi waited for an enterprise to also acquire venture capital investment? Liu Jia: I can tell you 4 words " absolutely impossible " . Never mention it now they, myself is taking money to be done with respect to the group that is me, do do not rise, because of this market already fractionize. Not be to resemble so in those days at that time, this is not the administrative ability that we have a priori, however the market has this is blank at that time, we are done early, and be a doctor accumulate those who include a client to approbate, the course is approbated for years, this client ah pass 100 pass 100, 80% the client is brought, we do not advertise, the gift that only the client transmits is accurate member, and what cannot resemble I left piece come with respect to somebody, making medical treatment trade can not be like inn of serve a meal I left piece come with respect to somebody, so people won't believe a new brand blindly. " Asian fortune forum " : We see a data says the brand value of Camry has 800 million yuan of RMB, you how look upon this number? Liu Jia: This my ignored, so he says one yuan follows 100 100 million pairs of my no point, the brand value in myself memory is formed by tripartite face, the first client that is me, my true god and parents of back and belly; The 2nd it is a doctor, because have professional doctor, the group just has future; The 3rd it is a government, these 3 ability are the component of right brand value. Have the support in the government, doctor only approbate and of our client admit, this value just is met lasting. Do a business must scan widely future, and cannot say I obtained what money now, these no point, that is to say you can continue future, can develop how many years, just be your true core competition ability. " Asian fortune forum " : In your program, how do didn't Camry come 5 years or you plan 10 years? Liu Jia: Now medical treatment industry, should reliable go doing, cannot resemble doing IT same blind to extend, because this industry technology and quality are the lifeline that the company grows, blind dilate or if high speed develops, that management character drops certainly, so we resemble form of a flight of stairs, in oneself the situation of in one's power goes down to assure his administrative character, later again in succession patulous. " Asian fortune forum " : You regard civilian battalion buccal as the first person, do poineering work from 92 years now already 16 years a what kind of change does your individual have on state of mind? Liu Jia: The oral cavity that regards civilian battalion as the enterprise I am the first person, from hold water to now ten years. This trade is very large, the gross income of facilities of sanitation of Chinese medical treatment is in every year one billion one hundred and thirty-six million and eighty-two thousand nine hundred and forty-four RMBs, and with annual of 30 % above increase by degrees, oral cavity market is 50 % increase by degrees, chinese tooth ill patient has 680 million, treat also need more than 100 years, potential is great, the space that can duplicate is large also, want to assure character only. Of one pace, we need not move toward capital market painstakingly, because capital market is early to our beck, truly significant is our administrative character, no matter be which capital market,be opposite that is to say you how favour, be sure to keep in mind to must assure oneself administrative character.

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