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Liu Jia: The big business in oral cavity
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Like to drink the Liu Jia of coffee, do not like astral Buck. He thinks, the coffee of Italian highest grade that the coffee of astral Ba Keli boils without him himself not only has tasted, and over there " the service is very poor " , drank coffee even oneself clear away tableware.

He is unidentified the person with so much what is fond of Bai Wei go astral Buck, the youth still regards it as a fashionable place. When the manager that throws this question to Buck of a star when him, that manager just is used " foolish foolish ground laugh " answer back and forth. From this manager " giggle " in the center, liu Jia saw a world-class interlinks the self-confidence of the enterprise.

Liu Jia is very self-confident also, as home mode of chain of the first one or two is married successfully the forerunner that receives trade of oral cavity medical treatment, this year the end of the year his Camry stomatological hospital (Camry of the following abbreviation) will achieve 100, next year this number will achieve 300, liu Jia's target is, the Camry that lets him becomes the astral Buck of industry of medical treatment of Chinese oral cavity.

   Interlink new pattern

Liu Jia did oral cavity medical treatment to choose to interlink mode at the beginning.

"Because oral cavity medical treatment invests small, get effective fast, maneuverable, accident leads low and rather than to often suit to make chain. " be in early Liu Jia began to wait for chain company to undertake with great concentration studies to Mcdonald's, Kendeji 1995.

More important is, only chain just can be done big, can " the big business of make it whole nation " , this is Liu Jia dedicated at oral cavity iatrical a bigger reason.

The mode that Liu Jia likes to weigh Camry is a star Buck mode. "Camry and astral Buck are same, make chain, and the connotation of chain is a standard is unified. E.g. , optional location, astral Buck has level of 80 optional location, and Camry has 120. The product of astral Buck is good certainly, the character of the product is same certainly, because astral Buck is unified,purchase, in order to ensure character; Camry is same also, the channel of Camry replenish onr's stock is the world is top-ranking certainly, the thing that come out must be standardization, character assures. Character assures..

And the international standard that the value that realizes this standard establishs an oral cavity of a China to serve, liu Jia and his group was used full 7 years of time, devoted capital amounts to millions yuan.

"Original, in Beijing restful highway, camry opened a clinic. However a few months went, extremely rare customer comes. A few high levels are patting a head to come down surely that, do not have scientific basis at all. " allege oneself believe " geomantic " Liu Jia, in decision-making when talk with data only however. When choosing clinic place nowadays, establishment of position of the speed that the pedestrian walks, building, fire control, reasonable distributing waited to be included inspect limits, each have corresponding mark, notch integratedly top talent opens clinic.
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