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Is strange stone what? Professor of the labor th
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Pi county is new the Feng Yunde that civilian field presses down is in live the roadside around collects an odd dental state stone, many local people consider as dinosaurian fossil. Yesterday, the reporter accompanied Feng Yunde to find Chengdu manage to be versed in the university teachs Li Kui appraisal together, the result discovers stone is not dinosaurian fossil, however the arrogant molar fossil 89 years ago. Before two weeks, feng Yunde is in live around when taking a walk, a distinctive stone in be being piled suddenly by roadside sanded stone is attracted, pick up will look, discover this stone quality of a material and the stone on the side are different, appearance is very unusual also, resemble the tooth of the animal, but weigh than common tooth again. These sanded stone are anew civilian field presses down Yun Lin countryside to be pulled, that place is former it is a paddy field, but the place that becomes a depth to take sand in recent years. Abrupt, a thought appears in Feng Yunde's brain: This strange stone this won't be dinosaurian fossil?
"Is Chengdu Campagna buried is there dinosaurian fossil? Tian Na, this can be major discovery! " this idea makes Feng Yunde excited full two weeks, but this stone is dinosaurian fossil after all, still must be decided by the expert. On August 16, feng Yunde is being taken " baby " come to to Chengdu " treasure of ancient bronze mirror " company, the staff member tells him after careful research, this stone is fossil really, but specific it is what fossil is not clear about. To make clear thoroughly the truth of stone, yesterday, reporter and Feng cloud heart find Chengdu manage to be versed in Li Kui teachs university museum curator together. See the stone in hand of Feng cloud heart, li Kui laughed: "This is not dinosaurian fossil, however arrogant dental fossil, be the ox before 1-2 all ages probably is molar, do not have what value. " Li Kui says, at present museum of golden sanded relics also is collected have similar fossil, just those fossil have 2000 only old, still do not have complete petrifaction, and the fossil that Feng collects is already complete however petrifaction, at least is 10 thousand years former thing. To remove further Feng Yunde's doubt, li Kui tells him, dinosaurian fossil is commonly in terrane, won't be in sandy soil, if be in sandy soil,discover only should not be dinosaurian fossil. Li Kui still expresses, at present Chengdu Campagna has only double stream, the possibility that Wen Jiang and other places has dinosaurian fossil to exist, if discover the existence of dinosaurian fossil in Pi county really, so go up in history of research of whole ancient live thing, it is a very major event.

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