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The mystery of Camry buccal rise to power and po
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" the Asia achieves rich forum " in September print cover article: The mystery of Camry buccal rise to power and position

"My mood can affect price of iatrical of Chinese oral cavity. " if one fills bully air, saying is the gas end need and actual strength so, in domain of sanitation of domestic oral cavity, be afraid only Liu Jia dare say Camry buccal president. "Abandon " with " " the century on wisdom 90 time are prime, at that time clinic of privately owned dentistry is blank almost. 15 years ago 1993, after young Liu Jia has experienced the oral cavity that lets him remember to the end of one's life to treat, just is the endure hardships that remembers to the end of his life that, let him holding the state of mind that play in the arms to open his dentistry clinic in Dalian. Actually this kind of backside that plays state of mind is a kind of intense commerce smell, his nose the business chance inside, from commercial smell this one angle is told, liu Jia is an eligible businessman. Actually, the Liu Jia 1993 or " confuse already run " businessman, he in those days sortie includes estate, commerce, dress inside 11 industries. Be clinic of first time dentistry is intended innocently investment, created miracle of return rate of a high investment. This one high return rate greatly of beautiful of prep above Liu anticipate, and return the other industry that he invests prep above, acumen smell of the businessman reminds him to think again, oneself arrived to quit diversity professional work and dedicated certain industry when. The objective factor that prompts Liu Jia to make this one choice still includes the domestic macroscopical adjusting control at that time. Going up century evening, manage a contractive money, so that Camry place is engaged in the development space of main industry real estate is squashed, liu Jia is in loss of this one period 40 million. In 90 time metaphase, with respect to oral cavity sanitation this group course of study is told, china is in a relatively laggard status, the problem of oral cavity sanitation of ten population still is in a more conservative condition, home is deficient in the professional of oral cavity domain, and home at that time also neither one has the company of brand, oral cavity sanitation that has actual strength truly. Liu Jia tells a reporter: "Industry of Chinese future medical treatment grows quickly is social progress is inevitable, and in medical treatment industry, dentistry is a risk the smallest gain is highest, in Chinese market potential tremendous. Oral cavity business can have enough ready money flow everyday, this one cash flows and estate and trade posture are compared, everyday amount not only big and stable, have more but durative. "   course thinks cautiously, liu Jia abandoned other industry decisively centering an advantage to march in a large-scale oral cavity domain, and program of Camry buccal development was being taken 2000 come to the capital alone. Camry oral cavity is in Beijing two years of be born in, liu Jia leaves gave 10 branches, 6 years after fast dilate of the first year, camry added 30 branches only, and establish plan for the center, strategy that faces the whole nation to develop with Beijing. It may be said was the turning point that Camry grows 2007. At this moment the throughout the country that Camry has won door of Ministry of Public Health to issue interlinks business certificate, this is orgnaization of the first oral cavity of civilian battalion chain that obtains this license plate. According to relevant policy provision, must manage full the qualification that enterprise of 10 years just has application chain to manage. Someone says Liu Jia is decisive because those industries had been become,abandoning other industry is chicken ribs, liu Jia also continues again without ability hold together. But from which what we see not hard is, a businessman is before the opportunity " abandon " with " " , "Abandon " with " " it is kind of state, the businessman that is not every success has this one wisdom. There are a lot of people that succeed really before diversity, but more it is a lot of people flee at diversity. Just about that " abandon " with " " choice, accomplished present Camry oral cavity. The outstanding manages rapid development Camry of alternative financing needs more capital support. Before the investment that acquires international orgnaization, his Ceng Jiwang at domestic banking orgnaization, but encountered the trouble that grow however. For instance, in contact a respect with the bank, the bank wants Camry to offer the fixed assets that can mortgage, but the Camry that regards chain as the enterprise, the building of each clinic is leased, calculate an all medical treatment equipment to increase the loan demand that also cannot reach a bank. For this, camry has eaten a thick soup closing the door of many banks helplessly. Moreover, similar situation was encountered when be contacted with fund of civilian illicit collect, disclose according to its, 2005 second half of the year when, liu Jia ever planned to follow Shanxi one private enterprise cooperates, investment counts a RMB to build Camry international hospital in Beijing. But it is hard and fast because of a variety of difficulty likewise. Because Camry had the license plate that chain manages, this makes international wind delivers fund at a draught people roll in. In that paragraph of the busiest time, every time that the week can have an in part at least uses Liu Jia to follow suit cast people negotiation, what he is faced with is international famous wind casts an orgnaization. In interview, liu Jia tells a reporter: "What CEO cares most is risk control, I can tell all fund medical treatment the risk of the industry, see them can provide a help to us in this respect, can solve this risk. " after negotiating finally through many rounds, camry chose interest of equestrian Ding Ke, and acquired the investment that firm of interest of British horse Ding Ke and Asia of American sea accept start the 10 million dollar that sends fund, this capital enriched Camry to wait for the new store dilate of city of a gleam of in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou. Liu Jia's wishful thinking is to hope these two come from the fund below different setting of America and Europe to be able to bring different growing experience to Camry. As to why to choose interest of equestrian Ding Ke, liu Jia is such explanations: "With the horse benefit fund is Ding Ke exemple, this is the fund of an old brand, the administrative experience that place of hundred years old store accumulates is right the development of the enterprise, if run technology, risk government,wait very useful. Asia of accept of sea of another investment square United States is achieved deliver fund, the key of financing also is to introducing control of quality management, risk, and the information of the concept that introduces high end and internationalization. And, before choosing interest of equestrian Ding Ke, they had provided a help to Camry. Camry had used what place of benefit of equestrian Ding Ke offers to collect fees now administrative system. "   actually, while Liu Jia is investing a contact with numerous windy danger, relevant equity arrangement, incentive mechanism also thinks to wait core content a moment in cautiously in the heart. Face what numerous wind casts an orgnaization to chase after hold in both hands, liu Jia says frankly: "If wind casts an orgnaization to be able to bring capital to Camry merely, this I do not need, these capital won't appear on the market to what Camry did not come road adds chip, my hoping keep watch is cast be in while Camry brings capital, still need to bring the intangible assets such as brand, management, the game means that appears on the market outside quickly church Camry condition. "     " Asian fortune forum " the company that contacts overmuch home to think financing, also had interviewed domestic and international famous wind sends fund management person. Among them, we ever also discovered a few strange phenomena, a few do poineering work period the enterprise tries to come with be being packed ably deceive pass a barrier, they are sent the hope is packed at his and from venture capital investment money of that inner lane. This among them, those who have some of person is clever pack the eye that puzzled wind is cast really, but these malicious enterprises are to be destined will transitory. What differ with these enterprises is Camry, its are alternative financing lets wind cast people, do poineering work period enterprise people it may be said shines at the moment.
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