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"King old lady steel tooth trailer " fire arrive
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Pull this sedan, it is cole dishful to king old lady. Wang Gongni is photographed


Life daily Jinan on September 3 dispatch (reporter Wang Gongni) 3 days in the morning, the Wang Xiaobei of village of banker of official of Jinan city king came to a Korea guest in a respectful form of address for an old person. Original, it is king old lady of 74 years old to be able to pull the thing that uses a car to pass Korea with the tooth, after the reporter of some TV station is informed this Korea, big old far come Jinan wants one explore the actual condition.

This reporter that comes from Korea MBC TV station calls Tao Jigao, he says, the closest period of time, the about king old lady card on the website in Korea special fire. "In Korea, old lady of 74 years old can procrastinate using a car is inconceivable thing, more nevering mention it is to use a tooth. So I interview her, looking is true. " to interview king old lady, tao Jigao came to China from Korea designedly, the home of king old lady was found below the friend's help.

Employee of a bank is before king old lady is emeritus, 30 come for years, she insists to kowtow to age and take exercise, the body is very good, once pulled the truck that uses to carrying more than 10 individual, gross weight to exceed 4 tons successfully with the tooth. About king old lady the competence of steel tooth trailer, in recent years media also has a story more. The keyword is inputted on Baidu " Jinan Wang Xiaobei " , can search many 130 webpage that concerns with king old lady.

3 days morning, what king old lady revealed him to the Korea friend that come from afar is absolutely vivid. Old lady of many years old 70, pull with the tooth 1 ton of multiple sedan, remain calm heart does not beat, too relaxed! 5 adult sit again in the car, old lady one gnash one's teeth, pull again moved. Want to haul freight car of a Yi Weike finally, surround the person of view to be able to 'ted help be worried for the old lady. This Ke Shaoshui that depend on dimension also has 4 tons multiple, can be a respectful form of address for an old person held out so that live? See king old lady only a little go to bed, haul the car again move rise.

See the show of king old lady, the smile of be convinced is shown on Tao Jigao's face. "MBC is the TV station with bigger Korea, our program cries " amazed world " . Korea has a lot of audiences to like to see amazed thing, this program is met certainly in Korea welcome. " Tao Jigao says.

Can go up foreign TV program, king old lady also says he is very glad.


Reporter Wang Gongni

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