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Love dentistry general: Science knows a pointed
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The cure that loves a tooth piece (7) science knows a pointed Zhou Yan

There is a patient to seek advice before long before say: Tooth strut comes before half an year, kowtow painful not apparent. Diagnose the needle that it is a root phlogistic, after giving natrium of ketone of head Bao Pai treatment more than 10 days, improve, did not ache again. This tooth appears again two months ago aching, one week later gum upper part appears one pus dot, press have liquid of a few pus, do not have sometimes when, weight. Want to withhold this tooth, how to do excuse me?

According to the symptom, this tooth is probable be chronic root pointed Zhou Yan. That what is chronic root pointed Zhou Yan? The one sort that it is a pointed Zhou Yan. The acute that dental root pointed week organizes or chronic inflammation call a pointed Zhou Yan. Root pointed Zhou Yan is clinical on can divide mix for acute chronic, and with chronic root needle Zhou Yan sees for how. Root pointed Zhou Yan's common cause, come from dental pulp infection mostly, it is the secondary affection with phlogistic dental pulp changes. In addition, still can affect by tooth week, tooth body traumatic or what the root rules medicaments of the chemistry when cure is exciting and cause. [Clinical expression]

Pointed week of 1. acute root is phlogistic: Inchoate suffer from a tooth to have spend ache gently, suffer from a tooth to bite right now close, ache can alleviate temporarily, along with inflammation accentuation, patient tine is stretchy, have rise to feeling, chuck suffers from a tooth to ache namely. The ache when root pointed week is phlogistic is spontaneity, durative painful, and limits confine, the patient can point out clearly have a tooth. If acute root is pointed,Zhou Yan did not receive treatment, inflammation continues to develop, form acute root pointed abscess, aching aggravate, kowtow painful apparent, and have durative jump painful; If purulent fluid diffuses to fall to periosteum, aching, strut all apparently; Once purulent fluid wears broken periosteum to achieve mucous membrane to fall, because pressure is abate, the organization below mucous membrane is loose, ache can be reduced than before.

Pointed Zhou Yan of 2. chronic root does not have apparently self-conscious symptom more, when having mastication occasionally spend gently painful. Have tooth medical history. Have a tooth addle become angry, dental pulp is necrotic, without explore painful and have chuck painful, gum of root pointed area often has fistula opening, can discharge pus. [Diagnose]

Suffer from a tooth to have according to clinical expression and examination without caries bad, deep tooth week bag, tooth becomes loose degree reach kowtow painful but diagnose. Chronic root pointed Zhou Yan does not have self-conscious symptom more, want to ask medical history in detail, basically require X line inspection, from X line piece go up, can see the bone of a needle is destroyed, the quality that judges pathological changes by destructive shadow photograph [cure]
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