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Discover person of the yellow race compares Cauc
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Between ethnic group besides color of skin, hair color of color, eye differs, molar different also. Consider to discover, the mandible of person of the yellow race is the biggest molar have 3 teeth root, the two teeth root that says with medical schoolbook is different. According to Taiwan " sign up for jointly " reported on August 1, the Taiwan that publishs this research " army total hospital " dentist ministry advocate the blade of a sword of the master that order medical service ever was in the United States hold course of study 5 years, had treated many white man disease to suffer from. After returning Taiwan, he discovers the Taiwanese is molar the circumstance that tooth root appears is particularly much, he suspects: "Concern with ethnic group? " the computer fault scanning of 600 patients austral Taipei of collect of   teach the blade of a sword, Taichun, stage is video, find out the patient that Chu Ying of the biggest molar Dou Youqing resembles mandible in all 375 people, in discovering every 4 people, have 1 person mandible the biggest molar have 3 teeth root, even the person of 18 % has 4 teeth root. Although consider those who suffer from to example is ill, dan Fue emphasizes, duoyagen is by no means a disease, want dental health only, need not handle completely. The risk of only is, tooth root hides in the skeleton of mandible, squeeze a likelihood together extruding tooth flesh, make gum thinner, if brush one's teeth cloddish or oral cavity cleanness is undesirable, once cause periodontosis, destroy meet more serious. Molar main function is masticatory food, it is the gene that past ancestor acclimatization stays. Zheng Xinzhong of accessary hospital assistant dean says Taipei medicine university, the biggest molar the characteristic that having 3 teeth root is person of the yellow race, although Duoyagen increases the potential risk of periodontosis, but do not state regular meeting gets periodontosis.

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