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Anhui Hefei starts activity of series of day lov
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The old people in letting " very old "
Activity of 20 years of series is in day love a tooth Hefei is started " day of countrywide love tooth " yesterday of the ceremony of Anhui of activity of 20 years of series that start is held in fertilizer, the theme this year is " oral cavity of the old people in attention is healthy " .
Was the whole nation every year on September 20 " day love a tooth " . Through 20 years " day of countrywide love tooth " oral cavity health is promoted, level of health of consciousness of health of oral cavity of the whole people, oral cavity gets rising significantly, especially the children before Chinese school age and rate of sicken of pupil dental caries appeared apparent downtrend. However, level of sicken of dental caries of the old people in our country still shows ascendant trend, "Very old " state still serious.
Yesterday morning, as whole nation of Ministry of Public Health health of day love a tooth publicizes the main component of stimulative series activity, by disease of Ministry of Public Health precautionary control bureau is sponsorred, foundation of society of cure of oral cavity of hall of sanitation of the Anhui province, China and prevention and cure of Chinese tooth disease undertakes, lan of palm of high syrup clean (China) limited company assist the throughout the country that run loves Anhui of activity of tooth day series the 20th times to start a ceremony to be held in Hefei peace square.

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