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Aseismatic an album of paintings providing disas
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Reveal Shandong provincial hospital in the round an album of paintings of on-the-spot record sex of aseismatic fight providing disaster relief " with the action explanation Shandong spirit is used to people of love dedication Sichuan " pressworked recently publish.

" with the action explanation Shandong spirit is used to people of love dedication Sichuan " by provincial hospital politics labour manages an editor, cent " aseismatic provide disaster relief, we are acting " , " the battle is in Ba Shanshu water " , " pass through line of life and death, the dam austral push forward is pressed down " , " not disgrace mission, the hero is triumphal " , and " Lu Chuan situation is difficult, hematic arteries and veins is linked together " 5 paragraphic, after full and accurate recorded an earthquake provincial hospital from accredit medical team to accept disaster area wounded person, from allocate and transport goods and materials providing disaster relief arrives of contribution of stand in silent tribute aseismatic provide disaster relief whole process. Many picture and literal data were collected in an album of paintings, among them politics labour is in press photographer Zhang Wei to follow the hospital is aseismatic the precious photograph that spot of disaster area of development of medical team providing disaster relief films.

An album of paintings revealed a hospital adequately (group) Party committee answers ranking call actively, take the height of earthquake relief work seriously and do the decision-making deploy of good earthquake relief work stoutly; Revealed a hospital to go to plain take the bull by the horns of aseismatic medical team providing disaster relief, disaster area is weighed badly in the environment day and night the true setting of rescue the wounded; The love with the big gain that showed meticulously of white garment angel to patronize disaster area wounded person and hospital collectivity worker are right the deep feeling thick friendship of disaster area people. The publication of an album of paintings is aseismatic to the hospital provide disaster relief have very good souvenir sense, also the job that huge invigorated complete courtyard worker is enthusiastic.

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